411 | You got me sittin' here.......

@ the Red Light?!? So i lied about that being my only post. Saw this story on Yahoo News, but did not check into it; just peeped on ESPN. First there were the New Year's Eve trilogy, and now this. I know it happens all the time, unannounced to the public, but really?!?

8709 Special | Back in the Go-Go

*Long post today because I will be out most of the day...enjoy*
If your search for new music travels beyond the limits of FM radio and television, you've probably come across the following artist. Wale hails from the DMV, (D.C., Maryland, Virgina area) and is ready to take the industry by storm. His Seinfeld-inspired mixtape, The Mixtape About Nothing, garnered spots on many lists as one of the best in 2008. April 29th he will release his highly-anticipated Back to the Feature with 9th Wonder. He recently released his first single, "Chillin" feat. Lady Gaga which will appear on his debut LP Attention Deficit (summer release). Despite his apparent lyrical skills,Wale's most defining attribute is his use of the D.C.-born Go-Go music. The horn-heavy band music has been what's hot in the capitol for years, but has never seen much mainstream success. Most notables would be music producer Rich Harrison, who propelled the career of Amerie ("Why Don't We Fall in Love") and, while many try to deny it, Beyonce's solo career ("Crazy in Love"); and, of course E.U. who hit it big with '88's "Da Butt", which was featured in Spike Lee's School Daze. I've provided some of his Go-Go heavy hits as well as my favorites, so in the words of Clinton Sparks...GET FAMILIAR.
Yea E Yea E - WALE 100 Miles and Running Breakdown Warming Up Cane Hate is the New Love She Not Mine Freaks

411 | Optimistic

Today our favorite rapper turned hip-hop role model Clifford "T.I." "Tip" Harris will receive his sentencing for his involvement with purchasing weapons. As much as I hate to see him go, I do appreciate his outlook on this opportunity to reveal truth in acknowledging it was time for him to grow up. Live Your Life T.I....this song is for you.