Channel Surfin' | Listen Up

I'm sure you've all seen the following commercial: And thought, what a wonderful concept...until you think; if I enhance my hearing in the mist of a busy room, won't I hear everyone's conversation. It would be like being Jean Gray in X2: X-men United or Matt Parkman on Season 1 of Heroes. (Botht he best installments of those works.) Major flaw. And isn't that the guy in the Snuggie commercial:

PBP | This is why you were in a GROUP

112 > solo attempts New category of post I like to title Point.Blank.Period, I state an opinion, nothing more and nothing less, that speaks for itself.

'94 | one-hundred per-cent

My dad is a big jazz/R&B/instrumental music buff, so we had it all from Stanley Clarke to Soul II Soul to The Brand New Heavies. I distinctively remember jamming to this single by Crystal Waters. Better known for "Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless)" which I remember from "In Living Color", my personal fav was off of Storytellers - "100% Pure Love."