'09 | Glue it to the man

Being the music junkie I am, I use to play amateur Dj when I was lil and made mixes on cassette tapes. It all started from recording my fav songs off the radio; then I mixed those songs into others. I did it mostly for my own pleasure and still do. But I've definitely upgraded. Enter Jamglue. The site allows you to make your own mixes with its library, or your own uploaded mp3 files. Here is one of my most recent mixes.
Remix Default-tiny I Be on the Dancefloor by 328909-tiny thomasboi

'99 | Wicki-wicki Wild

As campy as it may have been, Will Smith could do no wrong in the late 90s. The song was a hit and adding Sisqo (another 90s staple at the time) to the mix was irresistible. Plus the Stevie interpolation is what makes it stick in your head.

BaM | He's Mikey

But they Rock

'09 | Jai Ho!

I just finished watching 2009's Best Picture Oscar winner "Slumdog Millionaire" and was wowed, not only by the heartfelt story of endless love through hardships, but by the soundtrack. The music was excellent, and the ending dance in the train station to A. R. Rahman's "Jai Ho" was captivating. I will definitely be purchasing this soundtrack.