8709 Special | ABDC 4 - Refelctions of 1st show.

Just finished viewing the competition for this upcoming season. And they didn't play, season 4 is something totally different. Here are my favorites after seeing the show.
Best performance of the night goes to : Rhythm City
Top 3
  • Southern Movement - These creators of hick-hop from Nashville had one segment during their first show that surprised me...BUT when it came to sudden death they killed it. They'll definitely be ones to watch.
  • Rhythm City - Had the cleanest routine of the night. My favorite so far. Very versatile.
  • We Are Heroes - Different and all lady baby. I feel they're choreography will surprise like Fanny Pak.
The Rest
  • Massive Monkeys - Its a given - B-Boys always tend to hold their own in the competition. With the Boogie Bots being that one exception.
  • Artistry in Motion - Love that SYTYCD's Donyelle is gettin' another shot. I just wish it wasn't so reminiscent of the unfortunate demises of both Fly Khicks and Fish N' Chicks.
  • Vogue Evolution - Very...different. A definite first for television unless you're watching an old Sylvester video. Its going to be interesting.
  • Beat Ya Feet Kings - Was expecting a lil more from them, and was a little disappointed. Definitely the ones who will need the most growth.
  • AfroBroike - Not sure how I feel about them. We'll see how they manage the challenges though. Could surprise everybody. But I don't expect much since I almsot forgot to add them to the list.

SOS | Summertime, Doug E. Fresh


I don't remember this at all, especially since Puff isn't dancing in front of the artist. Or getting his own solo.

Channel Surfin' | Everybody dance NOW

The time has come! New Night. New Time. New Crews. A new winner will be dubbed America's Best Dance Crew. For more hit up Here's a snippet of my favorite crews that are gearing up for a new season. Subject to change as the show progresses. It all goes down @ 9 p.m. Fr3sh - the KabaModern crew Beat Ya Feet Kings - Stand up D.C.! I still wish to conquer footwork. We Are Heroes - May be this year's Fanny Pak and a possible winning all-girl crew Rhythm City - Dope

New New | Mullage (Music Collage)

This song crept into my ear one day driving in the car. All I could think was "What group hired The Pain on the hook this time." I was then fortunate to see the video randomly and realized the two Akon breeds were doing their own auto-tuned hook, which I admit, wasn't too bad. "Trick'n" had a nice vibe to it, and the little diddy is contagious. I wonder what they'll hit us with next. L.A. Reid even dubbed them as "Outkast meets The Dream." Here's more info.