'90 | Just a devil in disguise

Listen to "a funky groove kickin knowledge that we need" from En Vogue's mega debut Born to Sing. Real talk. Plain and simple.

'09 | The Fabric of Our Lives

Ms. Sullivan is on her way to becoming a bonafide star. Here she is as a part of Cotton's newest campagin. Download full song here.

Channel Surfin' | I See Black People

Feast your eyes on two new shows featuring lead African American characters other than Tyler Perry's for the fall season. First is the black Family Guy, The Cleveland Show. The CW cancels a show with actors playing football players; Fox starts one with a football player as an actor! Brothers could be promising with the presence of Chill...but I don't know. I think I'm going to keep my money on the cartoon. Sight both @ Kanye's Blog

New New | "Shake Your Plaits" Video


Southeast Slim ft. Wale "Shake Ya Plaits" from ACPMEDIA.TV on Vimeo.

Sighted over@ I'm digging it. Expect the unexpected.

'94 | When da only sign we had was picket

While "Waterfalls" may have been the pop success, TLC's final track of their sophomore album beasts the #1 hit. "Sumthin' Wicked This Way Comes" dives for the gutter that "Waterfalls" missed and features the underrated Andre Benjamin on the opening verse.

8709 Special | 80sbby90skd presents...

A mix/blend track for the old heads. Yes guys, we are getting old. A little early 90s and forgotten jams for you, enjoy the Dance Party. Tracklist (Track length-15:20):
  • Intro : Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg [Smoothed Out Remix] : TLC
  • Just Call Me : The Good Girls
  • Crazy : The Boys
  • Interlude : Gonna Make You Sweat [Everybody Dance Now] : C+C Music Factory
  • The Best Things in Life Are Free : Janet Jackson & Luther Vandross
  • Interlude : Rhythm Nation : Janet Jackson
  • Brand New : Sista
  • I'm So Into You : SWV
  • Interlude : Groove Me : Guy
  • I Don't Wanna Fall in Love (Knife Feels Good Remix) : Jane Child
  • Finally : CeCe Peniston
  • Just A Touch of Love : C+C Music Factory
  • Everybody Everybody : Black Box
  • The Good Life : Inner City
  • Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless) : Crystal Waters
  • Interlude : Miss You Much : Janet Jackson
  • Reprise : Groove Me: Guy

REMIX | Anything

I had looked for this everywhere, and finally found it here. SWV's Extended LP version of "Anything" from It's About Time.

'91 | Am I My Brother's Keeper?

I have to admit I just saw this film the other day. (a decade late=FAIL) Nonetheless, it still has the same impact. Mario Van Peebles just didn't make a film; he constructed a living, breathing PSA on behalf of the inner city to the American public. New Jack City brought the rising demise of black life to the hands of crack/cocaine to theater screens nationwide. And while previous urban flicks before left the viewer to hold his/her own opinion toward ghetto life, Peebles stapled his message repeatedly throughout the film, cementing it in the climatic final scene (!SPOILER ALERT! - if you have not seen the end of film do not click on link). Wesley Snipes is chillingly alluring as the villainous Nino Brown; the life-robbing hood who both uplifts and enslaves the poor. And Ice T is surprisingly natural as Scotty Appelton, the from-the-hood officer out to save his community. Equally majestic is the soundtrack. Crafted to match the new jack swing sound of the early 90s, the track list boasts the likes of Color Me Badd, Levert, Today and Queen Latifah, and Christopher Williams.

'94 | Time on my hands

Her cover of Rufus on What's the 411 gave a glimpse of the soul she possessed. Ms. Blige's take on Rose Royce's "I'm Going Down" made it loud and clear. My Life to this day remains a R&B classic 1) for Sean Combs's production, blending the sounds of the past with the present; and, 2) Mary's ability to bear her heart through her voice.

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