New New | "Sweet Dreams," Beyonce, video

Think she finally got the hint that the trio treatment needed an upgrade. UPDATE: And obviously I'm late. Damn.

SICK | Dope Couture Summer '09

Click post title for exclusive look. Entire collection available for view @ noon today. Dope.

'09 | Transformers 2 effing long

Two and a half hours to be exact. The action-packed yet plot-holed film tried way too hard. It was basically the first film with a new, slightly more powerful villain who's reign of power comes as quickly as it goes. There is no build up to some climatic battle and any hint of suspense is easily so foiled, even the targeted 10-year-old can figure it out. Megan Fox is annoyingly distracting with her love(?) for Sam. The entire romance has no purpose in the film. This is Transformers: the only love the audiene is concerened about is the love they have for this pop culture icon. Leave romance to Harry Potter in a few weeks. The only pluses to me in the film were the lady friend Sam meets at college (another annoying scenery) and the Kinetica-like female Autobots who were kickass. And I liked the addition of Sideswipe to the protagonist's team. Evidently I felt there were never enough Autobots to rally against the more abudnant Decepticons who kept coming and coming. Not to mention their better , sleeker, deadlier selection of vehicles to host.
Great for a '09kd. Not so much for the '09 adult.

'97 | Why don't you just give me a sign

Truly one of Missy's most interesting videos. The 702 & Magoo assisted "Beep Me 911" found the supa dupa one in desperate to understand why her man ditched in such an untimely fashion. The stop motion in the vid is too sick. Beep us 911 Missy, hip-hop needs you!

8709 Special | iZune

So last week my Phillips mp3 player died. I went to remove it from its AC Adapter and its LCD screen politely read: Battery Low. The last words before my beloved companion of three years perished. In search of a replacement, I temporarily kicked it like a true 90skd and rocked my Sony Walkman compact disc player. I actually enjoyed the AA batteries and constant contemplation of how to travel with the robust object in my pants pocket. *pause* Any who I had two choices: succumb to the mores of society and become an iSlave to the iPod; or, remain on my own path and go for something different. I opted for a smaller palyer which meant less space. I honestly could not downgrade from 30GB (easily 2000 songs) to a mere 4 or 8. I looked toward the next best thing - the lesser Zune. So maybe it isn't as pop culturally salient as its counterpart, but it gets the job done. Its syncing process is quite simple and much faster than my previous hardware. And the whole wireless sharing option is a plus; now I just need to find a fellow Zuner, but I digress. Downloading the Zune software, similar to Apple's iTunes, was easy. And it transferred all my music from my hard drive. I remember downloading iTunes and having to re-rip all my music from cds as it only recognized the mp3 files. I also received a 2-year warranty and a 14-day trial period to access the Marketplace to purchase music and share with others. I'd say I'm pretty satisfied.