? | Has Jamie Foxx peaked?!?!?

Before everyone gets on their soapboxes, let me say I think Foxx is one of the best; not necessarily a 'king' yet, but a definite heir to the comedy throne. But in late it seems he's fallen off - and hard. Ever since he coveted the gold Trophy, it seems everything else only seems to merely glitter.
  • The Soloist was suppose to be another Oscar worthy performance, but it ran so low under the radar, after being pushed back from its initial release date, people forgot about it.
  • He flubbed with his comments on America's country princess Miley Cyrus, and like a man apologized, but clearly has yet to rebound.
  • And despite the success of "Blame It," which garnered an even bigger hit if you ask me, Intuition has come and gone just like Unpredictable.
Is it the rumored Oscar curse that seems to plague Black actors (i.e. Cuba, Terrence, Halle) or is it more than that. Hopefully Foxx can reclaim his funny man status with the ...ahem...BET Awards he will be hosting on the 28th. (Which haven't been really hot since Monique's first time and the Smiths, but that's a different post all together.)

'86 | Jumpin' Jack Falsh

| of Whoopi's earlier comedies, and one of my favorites. She plays some corporate grunt who investigates a marketing scheme. She hilarious in the scene below.

'99 | Cuz its 11:30 and the club is...


Destiny's Child v2.0's club hit from the sophomore smash The Writing's on the Wall. I always liked this vid, it was different from the girls' former visuals for "Bills" and "Bug A Boo." Still wish they could have worked things out.

New New | Jeremih in "Raw Sessions"

The gift giver performs a Wonder classic and is pretty good. I'm impressed. Spotted @ HHPRnB Stop.

LOL | I am Zack Morris

Since rumor has it that a Saved By the Bell reunion is in order, Jimmy Fallon has called it upon himself to garner a petition to push the return of Bayside. Mark-Paul Gosselaar reprises the coolest kid in the early 90s. Late I know.

? | What Would Tim Taylor Do?

One cannot help but gasp at the abrupt decline of Detroit. Not only did the Pistons totally miss the mark, but the D is struggling to cope with the financial ruin that is the car industry today. Plans are in order to somehow resuscitate what is left of GM, but any reemergence will be years in the making. Everyone has their opinions - the Dems, the Repubs, the economists - on which way to venture, when it hit me: What would Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor do in a situation like this. Ficitonally speaking would he still be 'the Tool Man' in this financial desert; would he even be in Detroit since the Taylors moved to Bloomington. How would he handle witnessing such an agonizing death. Some reason I envision him jaundicely twitching in vehicular/Tool Time withdrawls, making those memorable groans as Jill must become his full-time nurse. Just a thought.

'97 | We gon show you how we party


The Supa Friends kept the party bumpin with this posse track. "Up Jumps the Boogie"'s eerie funk featured rhymes from Magoo, Timbo, & Missy in their prime, with the hook sung by Babygirl herself. This clique was too sick.

G101.3 | Somebody Tell Me

What yall know about Wham! George Michael is a legend and this song is a classic. Peep him belting with Mrs. Carter.

'92 | Cuz inside out, is wiggity-wiggity-wiggity wack


I never wore my clothes to the back wit a lil slack, but this song was dope. 90s classic.

'92 | I'll serve your ass like John McEnroe

The only hip-hop song in which moshing is appropriate. House of Pain's party starter "Jump Around." I think that would be a perfect theme for today. Jump! Jump! Jump!