SICK | "Street Lights" video

Javier Longobardo brings one of my favorite tracks from 808's & Heartbreak to animated life. Spotted @ Kanye's Blog.

411 | Madoff gets 150 years


'97 | Whatcha gon' do when they come for you


Beautiful telling of a all too common struggle in black love. Badu is torn between the love for her man and his "complex occupation."

BET Awards '09 | Don't Believe the Hype

The word genius should never ever be associated with BET again until they rehire Donnie Simpson and stop trying to be the black MTV. Poor Michael could not even save this show or the future of the network through his death. What should have been a showcase of genius, in honor of the King, resulted in a colossal minstrel show, further identifying how the music was dying way before June 25th. So its time for the real viewers awards for the worst and few best moments.
  • Best Male : Joe Jackson for gracing the first row
  • Worst Male : tie between Soulja Boy for his swagg-less performance & the guy who booked Don Cornelius
  • Best Female : Janet Jackson delivering her heartfelt message
  • Worst Female(s): Vida & Star aka Tiny & Toya
  • Best Joke: tie between "Skank Robbers" and Jeremy Piven's truth about MJ's influence on all music
  • Worst Joke: Ving Rhames addition to the already finished "Baby Boy" skit
  • Best performance(s): tie between Maxwell and the O'Jays tribute
  • Worst performance(s): Young Money's thrawting of what we thought were the last minutes of the show. And who's smart idea was it to let those girls on stage for that song.
  • Best dressed: Included Taraji, Paula Patton, Keke Palmer, Ginuwine, Maxwell, etc.,
  • Worst dressed: Lil Mama (from the neck up, her hair was nasty) and B's wedding gown
  • Best moment: tie between Eddie Levert's uncensored s*bomb and Taraji P. Henson's jab at BET forever playing Baby Boy as she accepted her Best Actress award.
There were plenty of more things that just weren't right about the three 1/2 hour ordeal. Like how they would never announce the nominees. And the overall lack of flow in the show's transitions from segment to segment. Or BET's constant struggle to have proper audio on stage for their artists. And the array of future kcufery of Wendy, Tiny & Toya, Frankie & Neffe, and BET's game show? If they don't do something quick, BET is going to be history.