87|09 Special | ATTN : Last week for 87|09 here....

I, 80sbby90skd, has come to the hard decision to end the 87|09 blog as of August 31st. It comes with a heavy heart to say I will discontinue posts here @ and merge these similar posts with my existing Wordpress site, millist, to evolve illist90skd. It has been a great six months and I have had fun during this experience. I will continue 87|09 favorites under the millist umbrella. I feel with school starting again, managing two blogs will become hectic with attending classes and a part time job. Hopefully you will follow me throughout this new endeavor. Thanks for all your support.

? | J. Futuristic knows his name

Hopefully the rest of the world will soon forget.

New New | Jaycee "One in a Million" Dedication Mix

Posted over @ TSS, this mix pays homage to the aforementioned Babygirl. Cop here.

411 | A new life for Jena 6 teen


8709 Special | Eight years

January 16, 1979-August 25, 2001 Stay tuned for a tribute mix of my top ten favorite Aaliyah songs. Top Ten
  • At Your Best (You Are Love) (Remix)
  • Street Thing
  • One In A Million
  • Never Givin' Up
  • Are You That Somebody
  • Rock the Boat
  • I Can Be
  • It's Whatever
  • I Care 4 U
  • Come Over