New New | I'm Surfin'

I might be late, but here's the new video of F.L.Y.'s epic ode to swag, "Swag Surfin'." I ain't gon' lie, I get my surf on when I hear this.

'98 | All we wanna do is make ya bounce

Way to raise the troops morale. Watched this video in discrete moderation.

SOS | You ready?

Speaking of that Rich sound....
Song of that summer; of that year. You could not escape the "Uh-Oh" anywhere.

New New | Electrik Red killers

The-Dream and his Stepford girl group better watch their backs. Producer Rich Harrison has unleashed his latest venture, RichGirl. Here's their dynamite debut video for the single "He Ain't Wit Me Now (Tho)." I'm impressed; I just hope he saves some of this new material for his 1st love. Shout to HHPRnB Stop
Harrison is a beast.

P School | Don't slap me, cuz I'm not in the mood


My favorite jam by the men-all-pausing ladies of Klymaxx. Funky 80s, and did anyone else catch a certain star's cameo? Hint: Foxy lady

SICK | Bounce pass

I missed Game 2 of the Lakers vs. Nuggets series. (I work second shift; only reason) Hadn't seen all the highlights, but his pretty much sums it all up.

'94 | I'm talkin to you baby


I could hardly watch this video. The emotion in his voice near the end it almost too much to bare.

411 |

So this summer between working and building posts for my blog, I am also a part of an online internship with the newly founded They specialize in "good news," things positively affecting communities from big to small. I am one of many interns across the country participating. I as of now have two stories published. Here is the latest.