REMIX | Chillin

Here's a remix of Wale's current single from Skratch Bastid. I like how he incorporated familiar go-go beats. Dare I say > than the OG? Thanks 2dopeboyz.

Wale & Lady Gaga | Chillin (Benzi & Willy Joy Remix) from on Vimeo.

And here's another spotted at Dope Couture's blog from Dj Benzi and Willy Joy. Attention: Deficit this summer.

'01 | If you really want it

imo Janet's last great album, All for You marked the return of Ms. Jackson in original form. Video was hot. I remember memorizing the dance break; I'm such a music video geek. Hope to hear a hit like this soon.

'01 | Broken heart again, another lesson learned

Yes! Jam and Lewis were behind Blige's emancipating opus from her fifth studio album of the same title. The use of "Nadia's Theme" from The Young & the Restless was beautifully haunting.

Recession-Proof TV by Lorin Williams on

Recession-Proof TV by Lorin Williams on Shared via AddThis

'99 | And he's so good to me

Chante Moore. What a woman. She scored her biggest hit with "Chante's Got a Man." I remember hearing this on the radio all the time - in Indianapolis of course. Kenny is a lucky, lucky man.

'86 | This is a story about Control

The video, the song, the album that changed it all. Micheal's little sister was grown now, and wasn't gonna take Joe's mess any longer. The chemistry between Jackson and Jam/Lewis is one of the best pairings in pop music history. Eat your heart out Ciara.

Channel Surfin' | Hammertime

I must be late and now realized why the Hammer was on such a publicity roll this past week. A&E will be premiering his new family-oriented reality show June 15th. Run better watch out cuz A&E knows how to construct a reality shows i.e. Dog & Intervention. Details here.

'94 | Darling I, I can't explain


II was a giant album for the four brothers of Boyz II Men. Another gem from this duo's arsenal.

New New | Plane in the Air

Ish is sick. Erk the Jerk ft. Too Short I'm feelin the West's return.

'85 | Here I lay all alone


Classic from Force MD's. Listening to the piano is reminiscent of a lot of Janet's slow jams manufactured by Jam and Lewis.

'90 | You need a man, with, sen-si-ti-vi-ty


The hit single by NE's front man Ralph Tresvant off his solo debut. Produced by the genius of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Let's highlight some of their best and my favorite work by the producing duo.

411 | Life cut short

It seems everyday you hear of more senseless violence. Ignorance has struck close to home with the triple murder of three young adults in Indianapolis; one being an Indiana University student. I did not know her personally, but I'm sure we passed each other on the way to class; or stood in the same room only a few people away. It could have been someone I did know, it could have been me. Suspects have yet to be found as police ask the community to aid them in bringing these criminals to justice.