'09 | The 'Day' is approahcing

After weeks of monumental tantrums, texting betrayals, and tears of forgiveness, MTB4 stars Day26 will release their sophomore album Forever in a Day. I bought their last album to support the group of talented artists and R&B music. But recent antics definitely had me on pause mode. I hit up the Leak at and was impressed with certain songs.
  • 4-Think of Me
  • 5-Stadium Music - a thumping track; i believe will be their next single
  • 6-Bipolar - the experimentation musically intrigued me
  • 7-Perfectly Blind - beautiful harmonies
  • 11-Then There's You - ode to the love of their life
I saw growth in the lyrics and appreciated the different sounds. I felt there were more solid tracks; not as much filler. It is a lil' long though, but we will see what happens.

P School | Naaa-na-na-naa-na!

Direct. Straight to the point. Still makes a statement today. Respect Yourself - The Staple Singers