87|09 Special | Aaliyah - illist10

Here is the mix I promised. Better late than never. I try to comprise my favorite tracks into one continuous mix. While the beginning is pretty slow, I really enjoyed the latter half of the mix. Click pic to download.

87|09 Special | "Lady Love," LeToya

Former DC member LeToya Luckett released her sophomore album, Lady Love, last Tuesday. I wasn't planning on copping the album; for one, I hadn't bought her debut although the "Torn Remix" was a cold track; and two, her first single "Not Anymore" hadn't done anything for me. "She Ain't Got..." had hit potential, but honestly I didn't like the video. Thank goodness for the internet, cause the new single "Regret," ft. Ludacris is something special. I hope the video is coming soon. Here are my thoughts on the album.
  • All around it is a very solid R&B album w/ a few guest appearances. A nice mix between mid-tempo ballads and feisty cuts. It does run a little long though, but fans of hers and R&B will be pleased.
  • Hot tracks : "Regret," "Lazy," "Take Away Love ft. Estelle," "Good to Me"
  • If you cop through iTunes, you can welcome a bonus cut, "Don't Let Me Get Away"
In conclusion I think it's an invested purchase for those who are true R&B fans.

SICK | "Club Love," The Cataracts

Witnessed this electro-hop on MtvU. I was stunned by the random Omarion cameo though.

New New | C'mon Son III

Michael Jackson's murderer?, Stephon Marubury's career suicide, and other tid bits of the past week.

New New | "The One," MJB ft. Drake, video

I've been waiting for this one, no pun intended. I see Mary's getting her future on. I think I like it. Shout to J 24/7.

SICK | "Kingdom Under Fire II" trailer

This was one of my favorite games for the original Xbox, with its cinematic cut-scenes and multi-character battles. I'm stoked for its 360 installment, which may be a MMO strategy game.

90skd | Camp Cucamonga rap video


THIS WAS MY JAM. Jaleel was killin it and the chick from Troop Beverly Hills knew she could sing. I'd take this over Miley anyday.

more about "90skd | Camp Cucamonga rap video", posted with vodpod

New New | "Don't Let Me Get Away," LeToya, bonus track

Bonus iTunes track from Lady Love. I NEED THIS ALBUM. Click above for dwnld.

411 | My high school's made ABC News for mediocrity


New New | "Whip It," trailer October 9th

In Drew Berrymore's directorial debut, "Whip It" tells the coming-of-age story of a southern belle (Ellen Page) who trades her pageant dress for some knee pads as she enters the sport of roller derby. Film also stars Marcia Gay Harden, SNL's Kristen Wiig, Juliette Lewis, and hip-hop femcee Eve.

411 | Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) has died at age 77. -- CNN


87|09 Special | ATTN : Last week for 87|09 here....

I, 80sbby90skd, has come to the hard decision to end the 87|09 blog as of August 31st. It comes with a heavy heart to say I will discontinue posts here @ and merge these similar posts with my existing Wordpress site, millist, to evolve illist90skd. It has been a great six months and I have had fun during this experience. I will continue 87|09 favorites under the millist umbrella. I feel with school starting again, managing two blogs will become hectic with attending classes and a part time job. Hopefully you will follow me throughout this new endeavor. Thanks for all your support.

? | J. Futuristic knows his name

Hopefully the rest of the world will soon forget.

New New | Jaycee "One in a Million" Dedication Mix

Posted over @ TSS, this mix pays homage to the aforementioned Babygirl. Cop here.

411 | A new life for Jena 6 teen


8709 Special | Eight years

January 16, 1979-August 25, 2001 Stay tuned for a tribute mix of my top ten favorite Aaliyah songs. Top Ten
  • At Your Best (You Are Love) (Remix)
  • Street Thing
  • One In A Million
  • Never Givin' Up
  • Are You That Somebody
  • Rock the Boat
  • I Can Be
  • It's Whatever
  • I Care 4 U
  • Come Over

411 | Jackson's death declared a homicide


BaM | Stroke it baby


411 | Teen multimillionaire = no excuses

A clip highlighting Ephren Taylor, who at the age of 12 developed his own video games. Taylor is now the youngest African American CEO of a publicly traded company. No excuses before Obama.

MESS | The ATL Wigga gets her FIRED UP on

The wigga Barbie Kim Zolciak of Bravo's smash reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta has reached a new high in tawdry publicity. We all knew the wig-toting celebutante couldn't hold a note between those buoys she calls breasts. But that's what auto-tune if for, right? Despite the lame chorus, this track wouldn't see the light of day on MTV 4's Deep Dish House.

Tardy For The Party (Mix) - Kim Zolciak

411 | Fiore murder suspect found dead


SICK | Duke ladies gets dirty

As part of a week tribute to the late Aaliyah, here are Out of the Blue - a acapella group from Duke University performing an excellent cover of "Are You That Somebody."

411 | Study says avg. gamer is overweight;depressed

sidebar: Isn't the average American overweight? AND The study was done in Seattle, and even Dr. Fraiser Krane described the city as emotionally down. Click above for story.

411 | DWB

A man is beat and falsely charged by police in Minneapolis. sidebar: Did they really feel threatened by a brother in a PT Cruiser? SMH

New New | "Run This Town," Jay-Z video

Post-pulled leak version with that annoying website in the screen, here is the official version courtesy of MTV. Kudos to Jay trying to make music on television relevant.

411 | Burress pleads guilty; faces jail time


PBP | O!

Wipe that smile off your face. You ain't been Punk'd. Allegedly Omarion has been dropped from Young Money a week after signing with the yet-to-produce-any-album label.

411 | HBCUs struggle during financial woes


'98 | Even worse, if I was broke, would you want me?

Jay's classic banger featuring a then-unknown Ja Rule and Amil. Featured for the Rush Hour soundtrack.
"Bounce wit me, bounce me."

411 | Oprah hosts Houston as season's first guest


90skd | C-Bear & Jamal

Who cares if his two hits were basically the same song....Tone Loc was that dude.

New New | "Digital Girl," Jamie Foxx, video

Mr. Foxx cues Drake, Kanye, and The-Dream for his latest single's video. It's kinda boring until you get to the funky backing West's verse. Shout to RapRadar.

Channel Surfin' | Give me a high five :)

They don't make them like this anymore. The WB had a minor hit with the insanely silly tale of Shawn and Marlon Williams, diner owner Pops, and the other colorful characters of "The Wayans Bros." The two youngest siblings of Keenan, Damon, and Kim - all of "In Living Color" fame - schlepped it up in scheme after scheme as two newsstand workers. If they weren't struggling to hit it rich, they were constantly dodging the belt of their polyester-fresh father, played by John Witherspoon. A comedy classic of the hip-hop age.

G101.3 | La la la, la-la, la-la-la

My freshman year of high school. My first Homecoming. I went a girl who was a friend. I was ready to party the night away. I was ready for them to play the dance song of the summer. Three hours of the hottest tracks of the year, and they wait to play it as students exit the Commons area. I had never heard of Kylie Minogue before her Fever album. I never knew she was an international hit even with her own 80s version of the catchy "Locomotion." But this hypnotic song remains one of my favorite of what I call the TRLra. She was hot, the song was hotter, and the video was the hottest.

PBP | THIS is reality

Richard Hatch, remember him, the naked winner of the first Survivor. Well apparently he's broke and bitchin' about it in an exclusive Today Show interview with Matt Lauer. After serving jail time for tax evasion charges (he forgot to mention the milli he won on national TV to the IRS), he is serving the rest of his 4-year term @ home, penniless. It's a recession! You ain't the only one struggling.

411 | Dr. Conrad Speaks

The alleged suspect in Jackson's so-called 'murder' spoke through YouTube today. Honestly, it will be a mistake to find this man guilty of a crime when he did nothing illegal. He simply followed his patient's orders, which evidently had not been the first time Murray preformed this risk-filled procedure. sidebar: And all this time I thought he was a brother.

'00 | Eve's great, no matter where she goes

Had a Disney Channel flashback today. I believe this may have been Tyra Banks theatrical debut. LOL Before Lindsay went loco, she was an adorable ginger-haired girl who needed a friend. Conveniently she wishes her black Barbie to come to life and bring happiness to her miserably bleak life. Great for a 90skd, but the '09 adult is sensing some frank parallels to the plot today. An African goddess - simple and subservient - nurtures a lonely white girl and her widowed father. Woooow. But I digress. Here's the best part of the film where Eve sings her theme song. Oh, yeah, she sings for the white people, too.

New New | Capitalism : A Love Story

Michael Moore returns to the bis screen with his newest documentary. His target: the economy and why it failed. October 2.

GNR | C'mon Son Ep. 2

This time on "C'mon Son" : Nas - Kelis = 55k; Bobby Brown can't pay attention yet alone child support; Bow Wow signs to YM; and, speaking of dogs, Vick got picked.

New New | "Number 1, " R. Kelly ft Keri Hilson

I cannot tell a lie; the song is catchy and will def be a hit. Father's hide your daughters and fellas grab your woman, cuz you know he told you don't bring 'em to the club. Heeeeeeeeeee's baaaaaaack.

90skd | Don't be scared, go out there

Title track from The Brand New Heavies Brother, Sister. This song is the truth.

New New | "Teach Me How to Jerk," Audio Push

The jerkin movement has another supporter in the group duo, who'da thunk, Audio Push. Oktane and Price Tag's are the second BayArea crew two do the Reject in skinny jeans. I personally preferred the rough cut of their single to the mastered version; but, I do enjoy their video over the New Boyz. Let the battle between the two jerks begin. Real talk - I'm pysched dancing is back in rap videos - regardless of its relevancy. It's fun.

8709 Special | ABDC Week 2

Last night I found myself screaming through my Twitter as the judges thrice said goodbye to Artistry in Motion. Not only did they beast their performance "Diva," they had the best routine that night, only second to the triumphant Afroborike. I feel like this is a total cover-up, C-O-N-spiracy, to rid the show of real talent for flash, glitz, and something fresh (Vogue Evolution). Here are my reasonings:
  • First of all, I was a little perturbed that it was a Beyonce episode so my disdain my stem from that bias. Don't get me wrong, Sasha Fierce is definitely the B to beat right now, BUT her videos have not had enough time to marinate as dance classics. Jackson was a 1st season choice because he's a legend; and Janet and Elliott were legit choices in season two because their videos have had time to become staples in pop culture. The only videos of Mrs. Carter's I'd list as dance classics would be "Crazy in Love" and the just-released-last-year "Single Ladies." There should be some year requirement for any artist video challenge. They could have at least had an Aaliyah dance challenge being that she had her own unique style and her videos are modern day classics prior to Beyonce's rise to solo stardom. From One in A Million to Are You That Somebody, the late Haughton would have been a better choice to tribute.
  • Second, and closely related to the first point, is that Beyonce's music doesn't translate to hip-hop dance crews too well. You had those that worked: Artisty's "Diva" with the Bangladesh beat; Afroborike's "Beautiful Liar"; and, even Beat Ya Feet Kings' go-go got off to the Rich Harriosn "Crazy in Love." And then you had those that didn't; Massive Monkey's awkward "Work it Out"; We Are Heroes' too short and simple "Single Ladies"; Rhythm City's "Sweet Dreams"; and, Southern Movement's nice but odd "Jumpin, Jumpin'." I didn't see anyhting that wowed me until the sudden death portion of the show.
  • Third, the show's pairing of the last two crews songs was ironic. They pitted two perfectly sewn routines against each other, giving Afroborike the better with the Latin-infused "Beautiful Liar" which calls for silky hips and salsa-dancing. The whole show is rigged.
I'll be sure to tune in next Sunday, but I won't do it happily at all.

411 | I guess you still mad at Green Bay?

Farve expected to join the Vikings this season. This is coming from FOX Sports, so its truth can be doubtful. But rumor has it he's going to make another comeback. Click above for video link from ESPN.

P School | Leave your worries behind

Classic disco/funk from Heatwave.

411 | 'DWTS' cast announced, debuts Sept. 21.

Not that I'll be watching or anything. (Heroes will be on, and I never liked the show anyway.) But I put my money on the sexy underrated Mya. I mean she has experience. I know ya'll remember this. I'd say she's the closest thing to a true follower in Janet's footsteps. Too bad no one will give hear a chance to be great.

90skd | It's midnight

Just another day...

411 | Tiger loses to first Asian to win a men's major

I thought Tiger was the first? JK lol just a lil' joke.

8709 Special | I Told the Storm

This is dedicated to the families of Cierra Hurd and Jah'Ron Kennedy. Weeping may endure for night, but joy comes in the morning light. The storm won' last.

P School | Ain't No Stoppin Us Now

My mom says this was one of my favorite joints as a 80sbby. RIP to both McFadden and Whitehead.

SICK | Usain Bolt sets new WR - 9.58

Tyson Gay is second-fastest man in the world with 9.71.

Channel Surfin' | Heroes Vol. 5 : "Redemption"

It's been a minute since NBC's mutant saga occupied my Monday evenings. The last I can remember, the struggling series found its characters running for their lives as flying Petrelli brother Nathan mandated a APB on all people with talents, which pitted him against Peter and the likes of Matt Parkman, Hiro and Ando, HRG and Claire, and Sylar. Now it seems another threat, perhaps one from the past, arises. The trailer presents this new group as being outcasts of both communities, similar to Stan Lee's the Brotherhood. We'll see if this new development recaptures the same magic as the first, and best, season did with viewers. Two-hour season premiere debuts Sept. 21 @ 8 p.m.

New New | All-4-One readys album

An easily forgotten staple in 90s R&B, All-4-One is back and readying an album for the year '09. You probably remember this group for their hit smash "I Swear" as well as "I Can Love You Like That" and "(She's Got) Skillz." Click above to hear a track from the new project No Regrets. Its entitled "My Child" and has a very soulful sound. This is grown folks music. Album slated for Sept. 15th. Shout to 90sToInfinty.

411 | the city of Brotherly Love's got 2 - brothers that is


411 | Omarosa to become a minister


New New | "She Likes To," Wiley & Friends

Spotted this import over @ HHPRNB Stop. Haven't copped Wiley's album, but I loved "Cash in My Pocket" w/ Daniel Merriweather. Anyways check out the banger below. Available on iTunes Sept. 7th.

'95 | We can make war or make babies

Epic duet that is the epitome of hip-hop/R&B collaborations. I also enjoy the soul mix.

SICK | Zune HD

Just when I already purchased a steep 120, they go and upgrade.

SICK | DJ Hero gameplay sample

I remained reluctant to become a groupie of the entire Rock Band/Guitar Hero movement. It just wasn't my thing, you feel me. But this right here...this ish right here negus, I can dig it. This could be a possible Christmas gift, the first toy I've gotten since the original Xbox.

411 | Higher Learning

Higher Learning… Posted using ShareThis

PBP | I guess you mad huh?

Hillary Clinton's verbal bitch slap to an African student' in Africa. She probably thought it was Obama circa Election '08 time.

GNR | C'mon Son!!!

Ed Lover of Yo! MTV Raps fame has released his own pop culture segment via YouTube. Here he goes in on Joe Budden, DJ Drama, Vince Young, and an ATL househusband.

'04 | Cause there's no better love

People tend to forget this classic R&B/Hip-Hop collabo, since it was only one of few singles from the Roc-a-fella duo, the Young Gunz. It's one of my favorite tracks.

SICK | Kid Cudi's Album Artwork

Man on the Moon: The End of Day, September 15th. Shout to NahRight.

New New | "Neon," Amanda Diva

Here's the video for hip-hop/pop culture specialist, artist, and free spirit, Amanda Diva's, "Neon" from her album Spandex, Rhymes, & Soul. I'm diggin the retro In Living Color treatment. Be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel for episodes of DivaSpeakTV and Diva Diva Yall.

90skd | Round 1, FIGHT

If you're a 90skd, there had to me a moment in your life that you heard this words scribbled in blood across a television screen. Mortal Kombat set the tone for future violence in games, and other fighters as well. The story of ancient evils paralleling into Earthrealm in hopes of total destruction never got old with every later installment. I can remember multiple visits to our mall, plugging a mere $o.50 in a machine to battle Lui Kang in the Dead Pool in MK II. Later, once I copped a N64, I was estactic when I first rented MK Trilogy, jumping up and down for joy inside the video store. The use of real people in the 2d world made the kombat more authentic. And let's not get started on the spreading of the franshice from the movie (I only refer to the first one because the sequel was horrendous) to the animate series, and even the short-lived live action show. I still smile with complete gidiness at any MK news. They'll always hold a bloodied, borken spot in my heart.
Top 5 favorite MK characters:
  • - the unprecedented thunder god and sworn protector of the Earthrealm. With white light for eyes and a knack for slamming his opponents against the wall, Raiden was always my first pick.
  • - a female Goro (since many characters were just replicas of others) was a beast. Her tele-slam was my specialty. Her fate in Annihilation though was nothing yell about thought.
  • Blind Kenshi - the only character from the latter installments that really enjoyed. Proabably because of the fact that he's blind and kicked kombatant ass.
  • - It's a tie for obvious reasons. The two rivals are like MK's Wolverine and Sabertooth. Each ninja's abilities - Sub's manipulation of ice and Scorpian's spear - are synonymous with the franchise.
  • - The only character deemed interesting in Annihilation, the mother of Kitana and cursed wife of Shao Khan was a force to eb reckoned with. Her screeching banshee cry and hair toss kept me alive many a times.
Honorable mentions:
  • Kitana
  • Jade
  • Sonya Blade
  • Lui Kang
  • Any of the multicolored ninjas

? | Is it just me, or is having "This Is It" released on Halloween seem.....spooky?

Everyone knows by now that the unreleased documentary of Michael Jackson's days of preparation for his 'This Is It" Tour is being made public in theaters everywhere. I' m sure fans across the world are excited for the bittersweet opportunity to see Michael one last time, but to me their is something awfully unsettling about this production. I think it's the fact that the late Jackson will 'live' again on none other than Halloween. That's right. All Halo's Eve is the release date for the docu, and I can't help but think of an undead Michael rising from the grave to moonwalk one final time. I may be exaggerating a bit, but this seems like one more act added to the never-ending circus surrounding his alleged murder and handling of affairs. I mean I liked Michael, and he truly was one of the greatest, but I think I'll have to pass on this once in a lifetime moment.

REMIX | "Best I Ever Had," The Twins

Heard this @ Mixtape Maestro. Imagine is the Song of the Year had been produced by the likes of The Dream. Something you can rock too. Click above for link.

90skd | Gak!

Remember how simple us kids were entertained? Just give us some high-priced silly putty and we'd be satisfied. Batteries not necessary. Nickelodeon ruled the world.

New New | "Wanna See Em Buss," Twista

We're worried about the terror threats from around the world, and brothers are wasting each other at funerals. In the name of what, a street? The revolution needs to be live immediately.

8709 Special | ABDC 4 - Refelctions of 1st show.

Just finished viewing the competition for this upcoming season. And they didn't play, season 4 is something totally different. Here are my favorites after seeing the show.
Best performance of the night goes to : Rhythm City
Top 3
  • Southern Movement - These creators of hick-hop from Nashville had one segment during their first show that surprised me...BUT when it came to sudden death they killed it. They'll definitely be ones to watch.
  • Rhythm City - Had the cleanest routine of the night. My favorite so far. Very versatile.
  • We Are Heroes - Different and all lady baby. I feel they're choreography will surprise like Fanny Pak.
The Rest
  • Massive Monkeys - Its a given - B-Boys always tend to hold their own in the competition. With the Boogie Bots being that one exception.
  • Artistry in Motion - Love that SYTYCD's Donyelle is gettin' another shot. I just wish it wasn't so reminiscent of the unfortunate demises of both Fly Khicks and Fish N' Chicks.
  • Vogue Evolution - Very...different. A definite first for television unless you're watching an old Sylvester video. Its going to be interesting.
  • Beat Ya Feet Kings - Was expecting a lil more from them, and was a little disappointed. Definitely the ones who will need the most growth.
  • AfroBroike - Not sure how I feel about them. We'll see how they manage the challenges though. Could surprise everybody. But I don't expect much since I almsot forgot to add them to the list.

SOS | Summertime, Doug E. Fresh


I don't remember this at all, especially since Puff isn't dancing in front of the artist. Or getting his own solo.

Channel Surfin' | Everybody dance NOW

The time has come! New Night. New Time. New Crews. A new winner will be dubbed America's Best Dance Crew. For more hit up Here's a snippet of my favorite crews that are gearing up for a new season. Subject to change as the show progresses. It all goes down @ 9 p.m. Fr3sh - the KabaModern crew Beat Ya Feet Kings - Stand up D.C.! I still wish to conquer footwork. We Are Heroes - May be this year's Fanny Pak and a possible winning all-girl crew Rhythm City - Dope

New New | Mullage (Music Collage)

This song crept into my ear one day driving in the car. All I could think was "What group hired The Pain on the hook this time." I was then fortunate to see the video randomly and realized the two Akon breeds were doing their own auto-tuned hook, which I admit, wasn't too bad. "Trick'n" had a nice vibe to it, and the little diddy is contagious. I wonder what they'll hit us with next. L.A. Reid even dubbed them as "Outkast meets The Dream." Here's more info.

411 | And I can play the Russians from my house....

sarah_palin_makeup.jpg image by fashionblogger
In other news it seems the Republican party has invested in another tactic of becoming hip other than showing off their token blacky. Former Alaska governor Sarah '2012 (LOL)' Palin has allegedly signed some stan's Xbox 360, hiking the console to an Ebay-worthy price of $1 million. I wish I would..... Full story here.

? | "Pon De Floor," Major Lazer


The song is sick. BUT....this. I have no words. It looks like a low-budget B adult music video.

SICK | Maxwell's Fall Tour Dates

The crooner has announced his North American dates. Chrisette Michele and Common will be joining him throughout. Thank you very much Soulbounce. Tickets available Aug. 14th through LiveNation.
  • Friday, September 25 - Toronto - Air Canada Centre
  • Saturday, September 26 - Detroit - Joe Louis Arena (without Common)
  • Monday, September 28 - New York - Madison Square Garden
  • Wednesday, September 30 - Richmond - Richmond Coliseum
  • Friday, October 2 - Washington DC - Verizon Center
  • Saturday, October 3 - Philadelphia - Wachovia Spectrum (without Common)
  • Monday, October 5 - Atlanta - Phillips Arena
  • Tuesday, October 6 - Charlotte - Time Warner Cable Arena
  • Thursday, October 8 - Chicago - United Center - this is my B'Day
  • Friday, October 9 - St. Louis - Scottrade Center
  • Monday, October 12 - Dallas - TBA
  • Tuesday, October 13 - Houston - Toyota Center
  • Friday, October 16 - Los Angeles - Hollywood Bowl
  • Saturday, October 17 - San Francisco - TBA

New New | "I'm Good," The Clipse, video

Love this song. Album drops October 20th. Shout to 2dopeboyz.

New New | "Better Believe It," Lil' Boosie

Have to say I'm impressed by the Boosie Bad Azz. He definitely up'd his video game.

GNR | Diddy, I wanna sing!!!!!


I had never seen this performance before, but it sums up my sentiments of Cassie 100%. Diddy must have promised The Talented Mr. Leslie keys to the city to co-sign this trick.

411 | 'Bold action' or 'Compromise easily'

Shepard Fairey, famed designer of the prominent portrait during Obama's campaign, has designed a second image which appears on the cover of Rolling Stone. Full story here. Apparently people are in arms over the words circling the President's head. What do you think?

411 | John Hughes dead at 59

| Film director John Hughes died unexpectedly today. He suffered a heart attack. Hughes was the mind behind some of the 80s biggest teen films, such as The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. He also directed 90skd favorite Home Alone and its sequel. He is surely missed.

MESS | Neckline Slimmer

Is there a subliminal message in this and other similar products. If it is I think it's saying sluts loose weight and look younger....instantly.

New New | "Million Dollar Bill," Whitney, full

| Shared via AddThis

SICK | Mass Effect 2 cover


New New | "Millon Dollar Bill," Whitney preview

Here's a snippet of the Beatz/Keys composed single for the comeback diva. Shout to HHPRnB Stop.

8709 Special | Crunk Came, Saw, and Conquered

Watching the idiot box when I came across Lil' Jon & the Eastside Boyz's "What U Gon' Do." It seems like for-e-ver since Crunk capitalized on Easy Bake rhymes and bombastic southern funk. I was a middle schooler when Jonathon Smith unleashed "What!?!?" & "Okay!!!" in our music veracular, and as a youngin' I became addicted. I rode the crunkmobile all the way to high school right up until lyrical competance became a significant part of hip-hop again. Nontheless Crunk will always hold a special part in hip-hop history......and *tear* in my heart. So here are my top five favorite Crunk hits.
  • Let's Go - Trick Daddy ft. Twista & Lil' Jon - Between the "Crazy Train" sample and the inescapable ad-libs from Mr. Smith, this was a definite banger. The year it came out our high school band would tease us with the first 16 bars, and then go into the rest of Ozzy's original headbanger.
  • Knuck If U Buck - Crime Mob -
    "I'm that ghetto, pistol-holding nigga on your damn street"
  • Some Cut - Trillville ft. Cutty - Damn. My dad even bumped this crunksexycool song. I wasn't sure what cut was then, but i do know. LMAO Dude's voice on the chorus was too cool. Sounded like a 70s pimp.
  • Wait (the Whisper Song) - The Ying Yang Twins - How do I explain this one? I first heard this on our church bus on a local trip to WalMart. Don't ask.
  • U and Dat - E-40 ft. T-Pain - Monumental moment where Crunk paired with its west coast cousin Hyphy for clubtastic results. I was obsessed with this track for awhile.
Honorable mentions: Damn - Youngbloodz Freek-a-leek - Petey Pablo Neva Eva - Trillville Get Low - Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz ft. Ying Yang Twins

PBP | Imma Survivor

Eddie goes in on his favorite mistake, Ms. Stephens. If someone shows you - and him, and him, and them - who they are, BELIEVE THEM.

GNR | Redundant


Channel Surfin' | Salute Your Shorts

When child programming was smart and funny. Classic right here. Never noticed how much the black chick looks like a Destiny's Child? "It makes me wanna fart!" LMAO!

New New | Aliens vs. Predator trailer

Two of the most infamous film creatures collide in one video game experience that should scare your bowels out of any constipated state. I never watched Predator, but thought he/it was dope. He looked like an alien Rastafarian until he opened his mouth. Alien on the other hand scared the living daylights out of me. It's all about the lunch scene in the first installment that ruined sci-fi creatures for me. I even whimpered when a fake Alien was part of a film ride down at Disneyworld. I don't like dark, fast, insect like things I have to kill in the dark in my video games.
  • cool thought: i read up on this in the latest issued of OXM, and the game provides the player a choice to choose from being an Alien, the Preadator, or a dopey human being.

New New | "God in Me" Remix, Mary Mary

The Changing Faces of gospel drop a remix to their banger featuring .....wait for it....MALICE of Clipse. Dude gets his 'Jesus Walks.' Personally as a Christian I appreciate Mary Mary's boldness to extend a hand to a secular artist. And I respect Malice's respect for the G.O.D. Shout to Mixtape Maestro. Click above for link.

New New | "Cocaine Dreams/Club Hop," Raheem DeVaughn

Off the dude's awesome mixtape The Art of Noise, Radio Raheem gives fans a photo video for two songs from the collection. If you haven't copped the mixtape, its a must have of '09. Thanks to Soulbounce.

411 | Paula Abdul to leave American Idol

That is all.

411 | MTV VMA Nominees Announced

September 13th is the set date to see who gets the coveted Moonmen this year. But by the looks of the nominations (& the host) I won't be tuning in at all. Eminem and Kanye rank the most nominations with four each, including nods for Video of the Year with "We Made You" and "Love Lockdown." Really!?!?! I've seen a 1/4 of Em's video since its debut, and West had much better videos and singles with "Heartless" and "Welcome to Heartbreak." The only vid worthy of this title is Bey's "Single Ladies" which should win. There hadn't been a video that exciting in pop culture since Soulja Boy's "Crank That."
Other dishonorable mentions:
  • Best Choreography nominees include PCD's taudry remake of Slumdog's "Jai Ho;" and, Kristina DeBarge for "Goodbye." WTF. This will go to Mrs. Carter as well.
  • Best Male Video gathers 2/4 of the Rap Pack ("D.O.A." & "Live Your Life"), Mr. West and Marshall, and finally Ne-Yo for "Miss Independent." No "Pretty Wings" or even "Blame It?" I don't understand. Or maybe I'm not suppose to.
If I ran the VMAs, it'd look a little something like this:
Video of the Year
  • Mims "Move (If U Wanna)" - He may not have the lyrical prowess of Em or West, but the video was a staple of this year. Very different.
  • Kanye West "Heartless" - The most rap-like track off of 808s & Heartbreak, West animated his broken heart into a Dear Jane letter to his ex.
  • Beyonce "Single Ladies" - WINNER. Everybody from Justin Timberlake to Joe Jonas impersonated the video of the year.
  • Lady Gaga "Beautiful Dirty Rich" My favorite video from our gen's Madonna.
  • Maxwell "Pretty Wings" - Eight years out of the game, and one single covets you a #1 debut. Did this even get MTV airplay? He'd also be nominated for Best Male Video.
Other thoughts: Lady GaGa should get Best New Artist unless Drake wheels in with a steal. Britney Spears shouldn't anything because of the goof of last year winning VOTY. P-UH-LEASE.

SICK | Batman Arkham Asylum

As we all await a Dark Knight sequel, get your Caped-Crusader on in this exciting and hopefully well-crafted Batman adventure.

411 | Happy 48th Mr. President


P School | Strung Out

The sample used for the 'Reminisce' video for today.

PBP | Happy Halloween

I guess Cassie is celebrating All Hallow's Eve early, going as Rihanna Monae. Too bad she can't impersonate talent. Shout to the Jewelryman.

Channel Surfin' | Gullah Gullah!

90skds big and small: You know you got hype every time this show came on. Nick Jr. was a beast and this is one of the reasons why. "Gullah Gullah Island" featured songs, lessons, and Binya Binya! I think this is where everyone learned the "Introduce Yourself" song.

MESS | Sly Fox

Give me a motherkucfin' break!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!! Obama is as much a racist as Bush was an excellent orator. Between him and Lou Dobbs questioning Obama's birthrite, I'd say we need some immediate dialogue, no holds barred, on Capiol Hill and in the newsroom.

GNR | The Resurrectifier

I know I can't be the only individual who finds it extremely odd that Mays' commercials run daily. This is funny, but wrong on so many levels.

It's the Mix of the Month | August

Decided to give you guys a mix every first of the month. Just some random music I enjoy Jamglue'd together. Nothing professional, just me being bored. Great to choreograph a routine to. Here's the first edition. Link above. Tracklist below. (Track length : 9:17)
  1. Seen Clean - Izza Kizza (Intro)
  2. Get'cha Some - Big Sean
  3. Stuntin' Like My Daddy - Birdman & Lil' Wayne
  4. Brand New - Lil' Wayne
  5. Gold Chain - Fly.Union
  6. I'm Cool - Swizz Beatz
  7. I Got A Bottle - Trina ft. Missy Elliott
  8. 2 Way - Ginuwine (Interlude)
  9. Video Phone - Beyonce
  10. Ringtone - Big Boi
  11. Double Saftey Lately - Sean Paul
  12. Down - Cheri Dennis
  13. Hit Tha Button - Petey Pablo
  14. Everybody Know - Southeast Slim (Outro)

411| Dungy to Act as Vick's Mentor in NFL Reinstatement

Tony Dungy to Act as Vick's Mentor in NFL Reinstatement Shared via AddThis

GNR | Drake reinjures his torn ACL

Video has surfaces of this negro performing on an injured ACL and collapsing before hitting the chorus of "Best I Ever Had." My sister tore her ACL cheerleading, the injury is no joke; BUT, it is when you injury yourself again knowing you should not be doing any vigorous jumping and running when your ligaments are M.I.A. Hoepfully Jimmy can get it together before his album drops. No pun intended. Shout to HHPRnB Stop for he video.

New New | "Everybody's Nobody," XV mixtape

Here's the mixtape I mentioned in the previous post. Features some big hitters including Ne-Yo, Wiz Khalifa, Colin Munroe, and Harlem Cash. Click title for dwnld link. Shout to 2dopeboyz.