New New | Aliens vs. Predator trailer

Two of the most infamous film creatures collide in one video game experience that should scare your bowels out of any constipated state. I never watched Predator, but thought he/it was dope. He looked like an alien Rastafarian until he opened his mouth. Alien on the other hand scared the living daylights out of me. It's all about the lunch scene in the first installment that ruined sci-fi creatures for me. I even whimpered when a fake Alien was part of a film ride down at Disneyworld. I don't like dark, fast, insect like things I have to kill in the dark in my video games.
  • cool thought: i read up on this in the latest issued of OXM, and the game provides the player a choice to choose from being an Alien, the Preadator, or a dopey human being.


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