90skd | Round 1, FIGHT

If you're a 90skd, there had to me a moment in your life that you heard this words scribbled in blood across a television screen. Mortal Kombat set the tone for future violence in games, and other fighters as well. The story of ancient evils paralleling into Earthrealm in hopes of total destruction never got old with every later installment. I can remember multiple visits to our mall, plugging a mere $o.50 in a machine to battle Lui Kang in the Dead Pool in MK II. Later, once I copped a N64, I was estactic when I first rented MK Trilogy, jumping up and down for joy inside the video store. The use of real people in the 2d world made the kombat more authentic. And let's not get started on the spreading of the franshice from the movie (I only refer to the first one because the sequel was horrendous) to the animate series, and even the short-lived live action show. I still smile with complete gidiness at any MK news. They'll always hold a bloodied, borken spot in my heart.
Top 5 favorite MK characters:
  • - the unprecedented thunder god and sworn protector of the Earthrealm. With white light for eyes and a knack for slamming his opponents against the wall, Raiden was always my first pick.
  • - a female Goro (since many characters were just replicas of others) was a beast. Her tele-slam was my specialty. Her fate in Annihilation though was nothing yell about thought.
  • Blind Kenshi - the only character from the latter installments that really enjoyed. Proabably because of the fact that he's blind and kicked kombatant ass.
  • - It's a tie for obvious reasons. The two rivals are like MK's Wolverine and Sabertooth. Each ninja's abilities - Sub's manipulation of ice and Scorpian's spear - are synonymous with the franchise.
  • - The only character deemed interesting in Annihilation, the mother of Kitana and cursed wife of Shao Khan was a force to eb reckoned with. Her screeching banshee cry and hair toss kept me alive many a times.
Honorable mentions:
  • Kitana
  • Jade
  • Sonya Blade
  • Lui Kang
  • Any of the multicolored ninjas

? | Is it just me, or is having "This Is It" released on Halloween seem.....spooky?

Everyone knows by now that the unreleased documentary of Michael Jackson's days of preparation for his 'This Is It" Tour is being made public in theaters everywhere. I' m sure fans across the world are excited for the bittersweet opportunity to see Michael one last time, but to me their is something awfully unsettling about this production. I think it's the fact that the late Jackson will 'live' again on none other than Halloween. That's right. All Halo's Eve is the release date for the docu, and I can't help but think of an undead Michael rising from the grave to moonwalk one final time. I may be exaggerating a bit, but this seems like one more act added to the never-ending circus surrounding his alleged murder and handling of affairs. I mean I liked Michael, and he truly was one of the greatest, but I think I'll have to pass on this once in a lifetime moment.