'04 | This is de-di-ca-ted to the lover

Sick throwback jam off the Barbershop 2 Soundtrack 'Dre kills it and Sleepy's voice is too cool.

411 | Orlando upsets the universe

I called it. MVP. Coach of the Year. Going home. Final-less. And he just walks off the court, without any acknowledgment to the Magic. Childish.

P School | Love's Train

Classic slow jam from the brothers of Con Funk Shun. I saw them in concert my freshman year; and no school rocks like old school.

G101.3 | Tin roof...rusted


One of my favorites from The B-52's.

8709 | Classic

Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 wasn't just an album; it was a movement. Ms. Jackson took her new found Control on our ears and crafted a concept album like no other. Under the production of NJS kings Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Jackson balanced the album perfectly between danceable R&B tracks (Miss You Much, Alright) and conscious songs alike (Rhythm Nation, The Knowledge). While some would have shied away from an album boasting topics such as illiteracy, racism, and poverty, Jackson pursued the project in full force. And practically every track is good, from "The Pledge" to "Miss You Much." Learn something while doing the running man. Bonus: In rare fashion, before Beyonce's B'Day labor, Jackson produced a catalog of videos to coincide with both her knowledge-heavy tracks as well as the regulars singles.
  1. Interlude: Pledge
  2. Rhythm Nation
  3. Interlude: T.V.
  4. State of the World
  5. Interlude: Race
  6. The Knowledge
  7. Interlude: Let's Dance
  8. Miss You Much
  9. Interlude: Come Back
  10. Love Will Never Do (Without You)
  11. Livin' In A World (They Didn't Make)
  12. Alright
  13. Interlude: Hey Baby
  14. Escapade
  15. Interlude: No Acid
  16. Black Cat
  17. Lonely
  18. Come Back to Me
  19. Someday is Tonight
  20. Interlude: Livin....In Complete Darkness

'01 | Ooh Oooooooh

It's Saturday. Begin your time off the 9-5 with Mr. Chris Bridges.

SICK | Preview of Wale's "Chillin'"

And if you don't know, get familiar. Back to the Feature - Mixtape pending Attention Deficit - Debut LP soon THANK YOU HHPRnB Stop

411 | Like there was any doubt

Kobe and the Lakers finished the deal in Denver (on the road Orlando) to proceed to a 30th franchise NBA finals. Another championship would be the team's fifteenth. And by the look of things, I'd say they will covet that trophy. Unless fate falls in Cleveland's favor. Details

SOS | This is for you, and you, and definitely you

Montell was a g. Single from This Is How We Do It.

New New | You're A Jerk

I know, I know. Not another tween dance craze. This time The New Boyz from the Bay strike as a lesser Pack with "You're a Jerk." Accompany the song is a new dance, jerking, which incorporates galloping backwards in place and bouncing up and down. I'm not sure I can pull it off in the club, but the chorus and beat are addicting. (I've been practicing since early spring.) Damn. These jerks got me geeked up.

'02 | Should I give you some....

3LW's sophomore album, A Girl Can Mack, spawned two singles: the Diddy-assisted banger "I Do (Wanna Get Close To You)" ft. Loon, and the bubbly Pendagrass-sampled "Neva Get Enuf" ft. Lil' Wayne. Unfortunately the group Destiny Child-ed, losing Naturi Naughton prior to the album release. If, however, fate hadn't dealt these cards, and the three ladies wanted a third single, "Good Girl" would be it. The song is a sensual mid tepmo ballad, telling of a girl's decision to take her relationship to the next level. It's sexy yet classy , tetering in En Vogue territory of vocal ability and style. Adrienne Bailon beasts as the lead. Enjoy.

411 | Orlando vs. Cleveland Game 5

UPDATE | They'll get 'em in Orlando. As a lover of the arts I'm a sucker for irony. Whether it coincidental or intentional there is something Shakesperean about life's little way of saying "F you." The one day you forget your umbrella, it rains. You wear a sweater because it's always cold at the office; and, now the thermostat reads 73 degrees. The entire populace believes the robots are a great help, while the lone objector is defined as a lunatic . Don't worry. I'm not lonely, just alone. I've never been a Magic or Cavs fan (Let's face it - who were Cavs fans until now) but, I love an underdog. And as much as a LeBron-less finale would be disappointing, it'd so be worh it. Bonus points for the Nuggets to dismantle the Lake Show, but I see that as highly unlikely. (I'm a lunatic, not suicidal.)

New New | Walking on a budget

Via 2dopeboyz
Ye's puttin in work, only this time it's with Def Jam's radio killa's awesome "Walking on the Moon." I've been bumping this for quite sometime now, and am a lil' disappointed with the visuals. The song carries so much energy and pizazz; I find the video a recession-affected reinterpretation of the Jacksons' "Scream" and an amateur Star Wars-inspired porno. Sounds harsh but it looks like they shot this is in a day. The Dream put more glitz in his ode to some hips and the remix. Even something al a "Sensual Seduction" to feed off the 80s sound would have been more creative. Or maybe it would have looked like a 70s skin flick. But I digress.

SOS | When i get you alone x wanna luv u girl

Many may not remember Thicke's only single from Cherry Blue Skies way back when. Some may not even recognize the now blue eye soul champion as Robin Thicke either (just loose the lochs). Nonetheless, this song was great. The 5th's sample gives it a life great for a summer day. The second is probably more familiar as it was the first single off of The Evolution of Robin Thicke. Hype is a beast.

411 | Scripp's National Spelling Bee

Remember that extra studious student in 6th grade, the one that knew more than the teacher. The one with his head in a book and usually socially awkward. Well that kid is on national TV, and your sitting at home reading this. It's that time of year again for the brightest nerds in the nation to compete in one of the most intense competitions to date. I never even entered in my school's Bee, yet alone the country's. This would be me, except I'd still misspell the word.

New New | Paranoid aka RiRi's Return

Props to RapRadar for the new video for Kanye West's "Paranoid." The vid stars Ms. Rihanna in her first musical debut since that fateful pre-Grammy night. This compared to Brown's recent pubbing is in no comparison. Update: Apparently this is not the final version. Ye' wasn't settled with this now unfinished product. Expect to see alternate/complete version soon.

LOL | Celebritty Therapy

I'm probably real late on this, but its brilliant. Both the ladies are dead-on. Copped at C&D.

'92 | And I'mmmmm Freeeeeee

I believe this was the New Jack remix, but its definitely the better version of the two. The flirtatious tag back between Janet and Luther is classic. From the Mo' Money Soundtrack. Goes hard.

'91 | the East Coast Family

You can not hear this song and sit still. You can't hear any NJS song of that time and not move. Off the classic Cooleyhighharmony which brought talent and ol' school vocals back to the forefront of R&B, and easily beasts any of the mainstream junk today. No gratuitous grinding needed.

'02 | Get me Undercover Brother

I almost had a fit when my dad and uncle dragged me to the theater to see what had the potential of being a Soul Plane. But, to my surprise I was thoroughly entertained by the hilarious spoof of blackplotation films of the 70s. Eddie Griffin is perfect as Undercover Brother, a militant 007 daily fighting for the cause. His talent is scouted by the secret organization The B.R.O.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D. in efforts to thwart The Man's plan to defunkify the world one African America at a time. Stars the great Chi McBride, Chris Kattan and Dave Chappelle as well. A great laugh and sleeper classic.

New New | You don't have to go home

Remember when Big Boi boasted that Purple Ribbon All-Stars Vol. 1 compilation. The likes of Goodie Mob and a-then unknown Janelle Monae were going to be superstars. And Killer Mike was 'bout to release a solo album, and.........nothing. Whatever transpired is history, but we still have the music. 2dopeboyz got a hold of the unreleased video for Mike's "My Chrome," which was one of my favs off the album.

? | O.J.'s appealing conviction

Your favorite innocent criminal O.J. Simpson is now appealing the guilty ruling in his theft and kidnapping trial. Convicted Oct. 3 of last year, (mind you on the 13th anniversary of his monumental "not guilty" verdict in the murders of ex-wife Nicole Brown and her boyfriend) Simpson now cites lack of racial diversity of the jury and other factors as reasons he did not receive a fair trial. Yes it is quite ironic how this case seemed to end upon that exact day, as if the justice gods, or white people, enacted a form of karma or revenge for the astonishing result years ago. And it seems to be another strike towards a brother, BUT in Simpson's case, it is one too many. Keep it 100 - Its over Orenthal James. If T.I. can go to jail early, and Vick go period, its time for you to finally accept accountability for your actions. Be a man and finish your final years where they should my television screen.

411 | Upset Upset Upset Upset

The Orlando Magic survived a win in overtime, 116-114, over LeBron and the Cavs. Apparently Mr. James' buzzer beater was a no show tonight as he missed the winning 3-point shot. This sets Magic up 3-1, and makes everyone expecting a Kobe/LeBron final....uncomfortable.
Highlights via ESPN

MESS | That's just our babies' daddy

Sighted this hot mess @ EbenGregory. Desmond Hatchett of TN has fathered a record 21 children. Not only do I blame this waste of life with a penis, but every woman in the same county who was well aware of his record, and yet still lied with him. He's even fathered 4 kids in the same year....TWICE. No slave master forcing unwanted breeding; no polygamist occult in the middle of nowhere. Just ignorance claiming a multitude of victims once again. WE GOT TO DO BETTER.

'98 | Baa-baaaaaaaaay, yeah

Total was like a ride or die TLC, after stripping away a portion of talent and charisma. Boasted as the 'Bad Girl' behind any typical Bad Boy, Kima, Keisha and Pam spawned a few hits including this one with Missy Elliott.

'05 | Now let me holler at you for a minute

- -
People slept on this album and this single. Some funky 70s love by the First Lady.

SOS | Anyone can make you sweat...

New Kids on the Block were history by the time TRL came around. That's when Jordan Knight took flight for a solo career with the 2-step/pop jam, "Give it to U." Song was addictive. Dancing is sick. Just noticed this was a interpretation of Grease's final scene. Knight pulled it off a lot better than these two.

'96 | Kazaam

Film was hilarious in both plot and, today, actual context. A second star role for the Superman other than Blue Chips and that movie where he was a robot, I think? Not a classic, but enjoyable nonetheless.

MESS | Too Pretty Ricky

I hate that I'm even posting this. SMH.

'97 | Do a barrel roll

This was the first real game I beat in entirety. I had the Rumble Pak to accompany my outer space experience. Loved it, but I hated how the whole squad depending on you to do EVERYTHING.

411 | New Couple

Mediatakeout reports that Rihanna and Kanye West are officially a couple. When did this happen, and what happened to Amber Rose? I doubt this is true though because Ye' said RiRi was like a sister to him. And siblings do not do that.

'01 | Busta, What it is right now

Totally forgot about this song. Busta + Kelis + Violator x Hype = SICK

8709 Special | Romeo Must Die

Can't say that I've seen the movie, (FAIL i know) but the soundtrack was a beast. Boasting work from Timbaland and the Supafriends, hit after hit kept fans bumping for the entire year. Some of Mosley's best work with Aaliyah appeared on this album. Tim sought that crunk sound with the banger "We At It Again" featuring Static and Beat Club artist Sebastian. Aaliyah @ 1:54 is sexy as hell. The chemistry between DMX and Ms. Haughton was electric on this track. Another timeless shot of Babygirl @ 1:27. The mid-tempo ballad from the A-A-L-I-Y-A-H. Always thought the way she weaved the words in the verses was so dope. The biggest hit in Aaliyah's catalog. It was her gigantic return from 99's "Are You That Somebody' and was her stepping stone for super stardom.

411 | Tyson's daughter on life support

Boxing legend Mike Tyson's daughter is on life support in Phoenix after an accident occurring at his home. Reports say the 4-year-old might have been playing on a treadmill when her neck became entangled. Her brother and mother attempted CPR once finding her. This is highly unfortunate to hear. Updated | Sadly Tyson's daughter succumbed to her injuries. More here.

New New | Every Girl

Are we really ready for Lil' Wayne & Young Money to take over the world? I say yes!!! Potential summer anthem. Via Ye's Blog

PBP | The Boring Case of Benjamin Button

Didn't even make it to the inevitable love scene between Pitt and Blanchett. Maybe it wasn't my type of movie.

SOS | Where they at?

It's Memorial Day aka Decoration Day aka a day off. Take a load off and enjoy the extended weekend.

BaM | Bap Bap Bap Bap

Beat it up like a drummer.

'87 | Bang Bang, GOTCHA

Heard this about a year ago on Sirius's Heart & Soul. Thank God for satellite radio. They don't make 'em like this anymore. From The Deele's Eyes of a Stranger.

New New | I'm Surfin'

I might be late, but here's the new video of F.L.Y.'s epic ode to swag, "Swag Surfin'." I ain't gon' lie, I get my surf on when I hear this.

'98 | All we wanna do is make ya bounce

Way to raise the troops morale. Watched this video in discrete moderation.

SOS | You ready?

Speaking of that Rich sound....
Song of that summer; of that year. You could not escape the "Uh-Oh" anywhere.

New New | Electrik Red killers

The-Dream and his Stepford girl group better watch their backs. Producer Rich Harrison has unleashed his latest venture, RichGirl. Here's their dynamite debut video for the single "He Ain't Wit Me Now (Tho)." I'm impressed; I just hope he saves some of this new material for his 1st love. Shout to HHPRnB Stop
Harrison is a beast.

P School | Don't slap me, cuz I'm not in the mood


My favorite jam by the men-all-pausing ladies of Klymaxx. Funky 80s, and did anyone else catch a certain star's cameo? Hint: Foxy lady

SICK | Bounce pass

I missed Game 2 of the Lakers vs. Nuggets series. (I work second shift; only reason) Hadn't seen all the highlights, but his pretty much sums it all up.

'94 | I'm talkin to you baby


I could hardly watch this video. The emotion in his voice near the end it almost too much to bare.

411 |

So this summer between working and building posts for my blog, I am also a part of an online internship with the newly founded They specialize in "good news," things positively affecting communities from big to small. I am one of many interns across the country participating. I as of now have two stories published. Here is the latest.

SICK | Knock You Down Remix

Remix 899569-tiny Keri Hilson feat. Kanye West and Ne-Yo - Knock You Down (Best I Ever Had Mix) by 879089-tiny Doctors_Advocate44 Dude's mix is genius. Check it out @ his Jamglue profile.

LOL | Pick up the Pieces

Classic clip of an early Tracy Morgan on Martin. Hustle Man auditions for a music exec.

SOS | Onnn and Onnn and Onnnnnn

It's Friday. The weather's nice. Enjoy.

Channel Surfin' | He's a Smart Guy

Do-Do, Doooo-Do-Do-Do-Do
Tahj Mowry followed his sisters footsteps to star in the successful WB sitcom "Smart Guy." As a 10-year-old whiz kid bumped to high school, TJ Henderson balanced social mishaps with his advanced intelligence. Show also starred Jason Weaver as Mowry's underachiever older brother Marcus; Essence Atkins as his liberated free-thinking sister Yvette; and, Omar Gooding as the hilarious goof Mo. Not only was it a great comedic show, it showed a household with a single African American father. You don't see that image too often.

New New | Flashback

Two R&B giants of the 90s return with new albums for us lacking genuine love music. First its the 'Same Ol' G' Ginuwine with A Man's Thoughts. This is G's first album since '05's Back II Da Basics. The album's first single, "Last Chance," debuted a few weeks ago and featured LisaRaye and Tyrese. The next set of material comes from falsetto-voiced Maxwell. His "Pretty Wings" has been gettin heavy rotation. Coming fresh off a tour in '08, he's prepping BLACKsummers'night for June.

New New | Imma Be

New Black Eyed Peas. I can bump this as opposed to the pop-monster "Boom Boom Pow" which reads like K-Fed's PoPoZao(sp?). Shout to Mixtape Maestro 2.0

411 | I'm a business, man. Let me handle my business

DAMN: Jay-Z pulls a Prince and buys out his contract with Def Jam. Allegedly cost him 5 million to do so; but he floss like that cuz he can back it up. So where does this leave the once powerful conglomerate. First Russell Simmons is suing, and now this. Could change the face of the music business as we know it.

'90 | So don't wait up for me

I had to be three years old straight jammin' on the one to this cut. The song was great 90s R&B, but this remix was best for blasting on a Friday night. Dang, I knew all the words too.

Channel Surfin' | SYTYCD

Now that Fox's singing circus is over, it's time to see some REAL talent. So You Think You Can Dance debuts tonight as it gears for its 5th season this summer. Last year was hella exciting with brace-faced hip-hop dancer Josh taking the title. I'm expecting to be awed this season as well.

G101. 3 | Won't You Come

This video used to freak me the truck out.

SOS | Pump It Up


Fire. Still bang this. I guess I should check out "Padded Room."

New New | Tell Me U Love Me

I do Amerie. Gearing for a return. While "Why R U" was good, this is that classic hip-go sound we've come to love from Ms. "1-Thing." Shout to HHPRnB Stop.

411 | 11 seconds

Five officers have been terminated from their duties after a year-old video reveals the beating of an unconscious suspect. The suspect pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and is currently serving his time in prison. Video courtesy of CNN.

'90 | And I can't stop, can't stop

After 7's NJS hit "Can't Stop" from their self-titled debut. Classic. This cassette got the rewind treatment.

'09 | Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Classic underdog story. Kevin James is great as the humbly plump Paul Blart, but its too predictable and at time boring. Would have been a great 90s film though; Home Alone meets Jingle All the Way meets Ernest Goes somewhere.

411| Michael Vick freed

The former Atlanta Falcons quarterback has been released from the Kansas prison he had called home since being convicted of organizing an illegal dogfighting ring. He will remain confined to this house for a period of time and is looking forward to beginning a campaign with animal activists to deter youth from the illegal sport. More here @ CNN. Being a pet owner myself, I understand the severity of the situation. But i still felt this story was blown out of proportion. One of my professors was amazed at how the media and regular human beings were bombarding Vick and his name for the then-alleged charges; yet, a human life is taken and we sit look with pity as we continue living our lives. What happened to the media frenzy for Oscar Grant, which you have not heard about since. I'm not saying we should just allow the senseless killing of any creature, but why do we seem to place value on certain lives over others.

SOS | You're hotter than a summer day in California

Perfect track for a summer jam. The original is dope, but this bumps for the jeeps. Remember when those were the rides to have; with the no doors.

'87 | When you go, they stay with me until the end

I vaguely remember hearing this as a kid, and then came across it a few months ago. Video is sooooooo 80s, but the song was a big hit for Herb Alpert. Again that Jam/Lewis combination w/ Janet on the hook = DIAMOND
They just don't DANCE like they use to in videos these days.

LOL | Slumdog Price is Right

Much needed laughter this morning from CollegeHumor via TSS.

'94 | Everytime I'm with you

Before she was Misdemeanor, Melissa Elliott was 1/4 of the group Sista. Structured as the female version of Jodeci by producer Devante Swing, the ladies had "Brand New" as the debut single off their never released album 4 All the Sistas Around Da World. Song goes hard; enjoy the remix as well with special guest the late great Static.

411 | Now we'll never know

The word has spread about the abrupt death of up-and-coming rapper Dolla. According to Dolla, aka Roderick Anthony Burton II, 21, was shot outside a shopping center in Los Angeles. Sounds like Burton was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's insane to think he and I are the same age, both pursuing our dreams through different means. Life is truly not promised. More here.

SOS | Take You Out

What can you say about Luther that has already been said. His staying power was incredible; people of all ages were grooving to this playful ditty. Folks nowadays make hits for the moment; folks in the day made songs forever.

New New | We the West

Dj Quik & Kurupt prep for the return of the West coast with "9x's Outta 10." Supplied by Nah Right.

? | Obama affect on Wisteria Lane

As season 5 concluded last night (whose behind the veil?) I sat in anticipation for the next season. What things will come in season 6. New conflicts will surely arise as Bree releases her inner naughty girl; and, Gaby will butt heads with the niece from bombshell hell. And the comedy will increase with the thought of Lynette and another set of twins. But with the departure of Dave and Edie, there leaves space for a new neighbor on Wisteria Lane. Since my president is black, and its been long overdue (since the Applewhites) why can't the next character be black too. I think it would not only liven up the hit show for next season, but reflect a more accurate depiction of America. I'm not asking for the Cosbys to move in; maybe, the Winslows. Or perhaps a single character, like Blair Underwood via Sex and the City to woo a Wisteria woman.

PBP | Kelis + Mary Jane Girls =

How To Be A Lady: Volume 1 [Explicit] Set for release on May 26th. "So Good" was nice but I'm not that impressed.

'98 | That thing

I wish her heart was still in rhyming.

PBP | Bon Qui Qui is the poor man's Bunifa

Debra Wilson is a beast.

411 | Adult Love Affair

Sighted @ RapRadar. Rumor has been confirmed; Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys are a couple. Never saw Keys as the other woman, though there is something in her eye. Shall I dare say it makes her somewhat...hotter.

411 | Lakers fizzle Rockets; Orlando upsets Boston

Game 7's have concluded. Give way to Western and Eastern Conference Finals. I'm predicting a Cavs/Nuggs finale. Yeah I said it. And for those who didn't make it.....SORRY

'90 | Let me tell it to you from the start boy

The original is a classic one hit wonder, but this remix and its various others are too sick. The intro sends me in every time. The grit in her voice is too cold.

'93 | No Greater Love

Church was amazing today. Nothing like your home church. Visting choir beasted this song.

? | Ci Ci's third time isn't charmed

Everyone knows by now the Princess of Crunk&B's third album, Fantasy Ride, was released Tuesday to lackluster sales. Not only did it debut 3rd (when both Goodies & The Evolution shot to #1) but it was slain by Hannah Montana and Chrisette Michele. So the question of the day is: what happened. I have three theories below.
Singles and Error - Ciara struggled to hit the door running with something catchy ("Goodies") and artistically different ("Promise"). I personally loved "Go Girl" with T-Pain and was even feeling the various leaks online - "High Price" and "Work." But I'm not the only person the industry has to cater to, and each subsequent attempt failed. She settled for the sluggish "Never Ever" and the heard-it-all-before "Love Sex and Magic." Too Big Too Soon - Fantasy Ride focused to be a 3-disc endeavor, displaying three sides of Ciara: sort of a crazysexycool-type format. Perhaps spread herself too thin too soon. Swagger Jack - I guess Ciara couldn't find the right persona she wanted to embody, so she dipped her pysche in a lil' Sasha Fierce. "Magic's" video receieved major flak for resembling the treatment Bey had planned for "Ego." If we want to get technical though, Ci had the idea of a multi-disc project long before Mrs. Carter, but i digress. So what is next for the once dominant diva of the Dirty South? A 10-city tour with Jay-Z. I'm not a back seat driver, so I'm just going to be silent and enjoy the ride. (pun intended)

8709 Special | Where are the talented youth

In years past nothing was hotter and more bankable than children music acts. Tracing back to Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers, tweens with smooth moves and smoother harmonies saw fame, success and credit for being legit artists. Nowadays it seems kid artists are only viewed as gimmicks, at least in the R&B and hip-hop world. Yes Miley, Taylor, and the Jonases have found their niche, but where is the spot for the next Shanice, Traci, or even ABC. Maybe it was something just for that time, or a trend that can only be taken in increments. The late 80s and early 90s had plenty artists under the age of 18. The mid-90s saw solo acts like Brandy, Monica, Aaliyah, Usher; and groups like Hi-Five and Immature hittin' up the charts. Even 00's had Sammie, Lil' Bow Wow, and Lil' Romeo battling on 106 & Park. Yet recently teens don't make a splash. For instance, the super talented Tiffany Evans. Not only does she have the chops for someone twice her age, Promise Ring was a banger, reminiscent of the 90s NJS sound. But she didn't get much play. Then there is Karina with her Alicia Keys-like style. Her alubm went unnoticed. Maybe its the awkward transition from adolescence to adulthood. Usher had to find his voice after My Way, and Chris Brown was pending during the release of Exclusive. Bow Wow struggles to connect with those fans that 'bounced wit him' back in the day, and transfer his skills to a more mature plane. Is it the industry? Is it the fans? I believe that children are our future, but clearly in the music biz they seem to be a thing of the past.

SOS | I like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch

Placed A&F on the map. Looking back, this sounds like something a guy would spit for his girl on their 3-month anniversary. LFO's biggest hit.

G101.3 | I didn't mean to turn you oooon

I never knew this was a cover, and frankly I prefer Palmer's version over Cherrelle's original. If you don't like it sue me.

PBP | Cause when you try hard...

That's when you die hard...and this sounds like a door nail. Spotted @ HHPRnB Stop

'90 | You got me goin crazy

I was three years old singing this NJS cut by The Boys. Jet recently did a where are they now on the four brothers. Why don't you see youth groups today like you did back then?

SOS | Summer Breeze

Originally a 70s soft-rock hit, "Summer Breeze" has seen its share of covers. None other is more prominent than the Isley Brother's sensual take.

Bonus: Tisdale's version

411 | Wayman Tisdale

Former NBA star and jazz musician Wayman Tisdale passed away after a two-year bout with cancer. Tisdale played for Oklahoma before his 12-year career in the NBA, playing for the Indiana Pacers Sacrmento Kings, and Pheonix Suns. I think I'm too young to remember him on the court, but his album In the Zone stayed in rotation growing up.
Below is my favorite song from In the Zone.

'94 | It's Friday!

Instant classic to start the weekend right.

New SpringWidget


BAM | I'm So Hood