8709 Special | Romeo Must Die

Can't say that I've seen the movie, (FAIL i know) but the soundtrack was a beast. Boasting work from Timbaland and the Supafriends, hit after hit kept fans bumping for the entire year. Some of Mosley's best work with Aaliyah appeared on this album. Tim sought that crunk sound with the banger "We At It Again" featuring Static and Beat Club artist Sebastian. Aaliyah @ 1:54 is sexy as hell. The chemistry between DMX and Ms. Haughton was electric on this track. Another timeless shot of Babygirl @ 1:27. The mid-tempo ballad from the A-A-L-I-Y-A-H. Always thought the way she weaved the words in the verses was so dope. The biggest hit in Aaliyah's catalog. It was her gigantic return from 99's "Are You That Somebody' and was her stepping stone for super stardom.


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