411 | Bulls vs. Celtics : Game 6

I haven't been so excited about the NBA playoffs since Detroit toppled the Lakers' then-Dream Team. Seven OT's in four games has created the best series this year. I'd definitely keep an eye on Chicago especially if they can contain themselves to venture back to Boston for game 7. They did it in game 1. Did anybody else see that block!

'00 | Whoooa-o-o

I remember not even listening to the lyrics; all I wanted to do was imitate Barrington's scatting.

New New | God in Me

Mary Mary changes it up with this gospel....BANGER. Via TSS Between the synths and autotone, and celebrity cameos (Fanzsworth Bentley) I dang near expected T-Pain to burst through the curtain and two-step down the runway. I understand the message of the song and the audience it will certainly minister to, yet there is still that question in the pit of my stomach; where is the divide between secular and spiritual. Believe me I am definitely not the one to judge because I clearly enjoy both genres of music; but if there is suppose to be such a divide between the world and God's work, to those who believe in strict gospel music and do not enjoy contemporary mixing, where do you draw the line? For me personally Kirk Franklin is one pf my favorite artists, (although I enjoy his early work better, but don't all fans appreciate artists' firsts over newer material) so it is hard for me to make a good case. I bumped "Stomp" as quickly as I jammed to "This Is How We Do It." It may be wrong but I feel there is a way you can enjoy the music you like and still live righteous under God's vision. And now I'm off my soapbox.

'98 | Slam

With Nonchalant being from D.C., it felt natural to continue that theme. Slam is the docudrama of the U.S.'s war against drugs and its continuously growing number of victims - black men. Set in D.C. Saul Williams plays a young, intelligently gifted poet surviving the streets. After a friend is severely shot during a drug deal gone wrong, Williams is caught up, left to put thing sin perspective. A tale in manhood and truth, the film depicts an all-too familiar story of our black men in the inner cities.

'96 | Had a good day, damn I must have missed it

Nonchalant hit it big with this monster of a rap conscious cut. Here she pinpointed the downfalls of dealing and slinging, and how it affects all around. The twist she evokes with the "dealer's" perspective on the second verse is haunting, to sense how someone in that situation justifies their circumstance. It's sad anyway.

8709 Special | the Return

R&B may be given a boost of adrenaline this year with the return of Maxwell. All were stunned when the newly shaved man appeared to pay tribute to Al Green @ the BET Awards. His new album BLACKsummer'snight is slated for an '09 release. Here is the first single..."Pretty Wings." Shout out to TSS. And here is one of my favorites by the mellow-falsetto-voiced singer.

PBP | 58 points

Say it ain't so? Via Yahoo!

New New | Halle Ber-raaaaaaaay, Hallr Berray

The new dance track from Hurricane Chris. You may have heard this in the club, or even on Ellen's show with the real Ms. Berry. It's more (annoying) catchy as his debut. Shout out to Mileka.

'90 | Go! Go! Go! Go!

Rumor has it Chubb Rock only ventured into the hip-hop industry to pay for medical school. Love this track; a sure party starter.

? | Double Take II

Is it me or does Matt Giraud look and sound like a paler, American, Daniel Merriweather?

'95 | And we can "pump pump"

Adina Howard's Do You Wanna Ride spawned the now classic debut single "Freak Like Me." Some reason we had the single, and played it all the time. I think my dad liked it because of the Bootsy Collins sample and the 70s funk sound west coast hip-hop had embodied.
I don't remember watching the video; I do remember the B-side remix though.

'97 | Don't waste your time

Mr. Back @ One had a unusual hit with the Boys of Bad back in the day. Off his fire album Anytime, Brian McKnight reached a new fan-base with the hip-hop influenced "You Should Be Mine (Don't Waste Your Time)."

SICK | Robocop


'94 | Life Gets in Your Way

The Brand New Heavies's Brother Sister stayed in rotation in my household. A great mix of funk, soul, pop and R&B.

8709 Special | Little 500

YES, Obama appeared at Lil 5 last year while on the campaign trail. It's kind of big deal.
Here is the lineup: Thursday - Ludacris Friday - Women's Race Young Jeezy w/ guests Wiz Kahlifa & DJ UNK/ Soulja Boy Lil 5 Stepshow Saturday - Men's Race
This weekend the campus of Indiana University will over flood with intoxicated college students from across the state and neighboring universities. Lil' 5 is IU's definitive bicycle race, even boasting the classic film "Breaking Away." Although the races, for both men and women, last only a few hours, the celebratory activities begin today, if they have not already. Foolishness will ensue. Check the Book of Face for the details and insinuating photos of "The World's Greatest College Weekend."

'01 | I'm not sure who you are

Off of Tamia's sophomore album, A Nu Day.

'99 | This is the saddest story

I remember waiting for BET's Midnight Love to begin to see this video. I always felt the song literally cried, with the lyrics being tremendously deep. Her metaphor of a broken heart near the end of the video is absolutely stunning. On a lighter note, this is my one month anniversary! Do you know what today is!?!

Channel Surfin' | Tight Like Glue

Before Friends, Girlfriends, and Sex and the City, four ladies and their two fellow friends were Living Single. Led by a great cast, viewers grew to love the sorted characters: Khadijah James, the career woman; her cousin, the goofy lighthearted Synclaire; their close friend, diva Regine Hunter; and, her frienemy, Maxine Shaw attorney-at-law. With a urban setting, it was the 90s answer to what takes place after college. We had yet to see African Americans as prospering adults in the corporate world. One of my favorte episodes:
Additional favorites: Burglar in the Hosue Talkshow Showdown

'97 | I'm Not A Fool

Batman. LBD. Romeo. There was none other cooler than Immature for a 90skd. The ladies loved them and the fellas wanted to be like them. Their fourth album, The Journey, signified a certain growth within the trio. This had to be my favorite video by the group.

illist | me @ wale | Update

This evening I'm going to partake in probably the best thing to happen to me this year (besides the B on my last Econ final). Mr. Never-wear-the-same-thing is in Bloomington, and I 80sbby90skd, am going to witness it in person. I already met him at Dope Couture, and am hyped for tonight. The meet and great was sick. Got an autographed copy of TMAN and a concert flyer. Rocafella vet Young Chris accompanied him with members of UCB. My background on my cellphone is now me and Wale himslef. The show was incredible once it started. Wale actually didn't take the stage until about 12:45 after local bands and Colin Munroe's sets. But it was worth it. He opened with the banger "Breakdown" and included other mixtape gems. He also added his new single "Chillin'" from his upcoming album Attention Deficit. I will be purchasing, and so should you.
(sidebar: Wale was rocing a certain chain while on stage; Chris roced similar chain in gold. Did i miss the memo?)

illist | me @ wale

This evening I'm going to partake in probably the best thing to happen to me this year (besides the B on my last Econ final). Mr. Never-wear-the-same-thing is in Bloomington, and I 80sbby90skd, am going to witness it in person. I already met him at Dope Couture, and am hyped for tonight.

'95 | Freedooommmm

I missed so much as a child of the 90s including the film Panther which chronicled the rise of the Black Panthers after the Civil Rights Movement. It completely slipped my consciousness. I know only of the film because of later seeing the video for the monster song performed by the hottest female R&B & hip-hop artists of the time. From Aaliyah to Zhane, this song symbolized the plethora of women in urban music that has somehow vanished. There was also an additional rap version as well.

'94 | Don't make me lose my mind...

Something to hold you over while you forgive Usher for Here I Stand (the album, not the song). Usher

'90 | Break a Sweat

Never an official single, but produced the most memorable 'very special episode' of all time.

SICK | Strongest


Saw this over @ Think Common. Insanely intricate awesomeness.

G101.3 | A lil crush....

"Crush" by Jennifer Paige is straight fire. From the airy-rush of how she sings the verses to the eeire sha-la-la-la-la's, you can sense Paige's feelings are about to explode. I believe this was her only hit, but it remains a pop favorite.

PBP | Another one bites the dust

Danity Kane disbanded. Take that, take that.

'93 | Like a moth through a flame

Oooo, Miss Janet. This song changed the covered-up caterpillar from Control and Rhythm Nation to the ever-sensual butterfly we discovered on her poignantly-titled janet. A new sense of intimacy and sexuality found its place in Janet's career after this single, which paved the way for the equally titillating "Anytime, Anyplace." Classic. Songs just don't bump like that no more.

'98 | Swallow you like Resse's Pieces

I always tripped when I heard Sisqo squeal that in this song. The video was so dramatic and the message really real. We ain't got to rush you know, take it slow. And Lisa was so beautiful. I know the Dru is trying to make a comeback. I hope it goes well.

411 | where AMAZING happens

Perfect song. Regardless of the naysayers, both Mr. West and the present-NBA remain to entertain. Via Kanye's Blog

'99 | Cuz I Really Need Somebody


To commemorate our newest category.

illlist* | aaliyah

Her name said it all; the best; exalted. In her 22 years on this earth, Aaliyah Haughton mastered the art of a potential triple threat; singer, actress, entertainer. Her albums remain R&B classics, with her 2001 Aaliyah showcasing true artistry. There will never be another one like the A-a-l-i-y...a-h.
Top Ten
  • I Care 4 U
  • Never Givin' Up
  • Are You That Somebody
  • One In A Million
  • Come Over
  • Rock the Boat
  • Street Thing
  • I Can Be
  • It's Whatever
  • At Your Best (You Are Love) Remix
*illlist: (ill+list; pronounced illest) the best to do the damn thing; game-changers; originators

? | Who..MIKE JONES...WHO!?!...MIKE JONES.......

.......WHY!?! Back in the day (or just a few years ago) I could rock, and still do, to "Still Tippin'." Its probably my favorite Mike Jones song, and most likely the only one I know. Nowadays it seems his career, as well as himself, have changed. More power to the new look and upcoming album (?), but folks are still asking who?

'97 | Shhhhhhh!

My most distinct memory of this song is riding to some district youth choir rehearsal for church, and every 8-15 year old singing along to the radio. If I knew what film this song derived from, and what exactly they were talking about, my parents would have deemed it unfit for my ears. But it was "the bomb baby/bomb baby" and remains to be a party-banger. And I know I would never have seen this video; and I never did. This Time It's Personal - Somethin' for the People

'09 | The 'Day' is approahcing

After weeks of monumental tantrums, texting betrayals, and tears of forgiveness, MTB4 stars Day26 will release their sophomore album Forever in a Day. I bought their last album to support the group of talented artists and R&B music. But recent antics definitely had me on pause mode. I hit up the Leak at and was impressed with certain songs.
  • 4-Think of Me
  • 5-Stadium Music - a thumping track; i believe will be their next single
  • 6-Bipolar - the experimentation musically intrigued me
  • 7-Perfectly Blind - beautiful harmonies
  • 11-Then There's You - ode to the love of their life
I saw growth in the lyrics and appreciated the different sounds. I felt there were more solid tracks; not as much filler. It is a lil' long though, but we will see what happens.

P School | Naaa-na-na-naa-na!

Direct. Straight to the point. Still makes a statement today. Respect Yourself - The Staple Singers

? | Where is Cindi Mayweather

Last year a select few were captivated by the futuristic tale of free will that a Pompadour-laden cyborg constructed. Janelle Monae's story unfolded in a bigger-than-life video for the single "Many Moons," starring a vast array of characters and messages of past and present injustices. This and her EP Metropolis: Suite 1-The Chase were just a taste of what I hope comes sometime this summer. I pray with all my might that Bad Boy does not let this talent become another casualty.
Check out a tone-downed "Sincerely, Jane."

PBP | I'm Your Puppet

How many want to bet this was her idea? Cuz I don't!

? | Who watched MTV's Spring Break '09?

BET's Spring...nevermind

'09 | Goo-Goo 4 Gaga

People may dismiss the Xtina look alike, Lady Gaga, for her overall Solid Gold dancer-on-acid persona, but the chic has found her niche. I have to admit I thought "Just Dance" was a nice record, but her debut album's track list boasts songs that make "Dance" look like a mere jig. Beautiful Dirty Rich - Posh and raunchy @ the same time; as if she re-created Fiona Apple's "Criminal" at a haunted house. Poker Face - Gaga's recent single; seems more radio friendly, such as "Just Dance" Love Game - Reminescent of MJ's "Bad", choreography is sick.

'93 | Free Willy

Adorable animals + adorable kids = box office success in the 90s. From Monkey Business, to Dunston Checks In, and even the forgotten Andre, animals and kids were just as popular as kids and sports. No other film had such an impact that it garnered a song by Bubbles the chimp's owner - Free Willy. The delinquent child facing life's hardships finds himself through the friendship and freeing of a killer whale. Although it produced two sequels, the original etched a place in viewer's hearts and a spot in pop culture.

'09 | New New Pts. 1 & 2

Created these mixes about a month ago; best played in order. Just represents what I was digging at the time. Remix Default-tiny New New Pt. 1 - R&B by 328909-tiny thomasboi Remix Default-tiny New New Pt. 2 - Hip-Hop by 328909-tiny thomasboi

'09 | Geek to the Beat

Don't know much about Zion I, but I've heard previous work and this right here is nice. Love the concept and feeling the choreography. Video via HipHopDX.

'09 | New New(?)

I think. I don't know how I missed this track, but thanks to Blind I. April 2oth cannot come any sooner; well my ticket could show up prior. Don't disappoint Ticketmaster! Wale - Pat Your Weave

'96 | Don't Want Nobody Else

There is no way in 1996 you could escape these four brothers and their sophomore album, Another Level. Blackstreet dominated R&B with such classics as the Bill Withers-sampled "No Diggity" and the ballad "Don't Leave Me." But it's another ballad, "I Can't Get You (Out of My Mind)", that stands out to me. Apparently the remix appeared on the soundtrack of the worst movie ever, but i digress.

'00 | Single, Sexy & Sweet

Fear of Flying erupted in 2000 and sent R&B artist Mya to the top. She was our equivalent to Janet; nice vocals, a style of her own, and killer choreography! The girl could dance her behind off! Why she can't seem to get an album out now is beyond me. If Bad Boy can push this, than Mya should definitely be seen and heard. "Free" was her third single and was featured on the Bait soundtrack.

Uploaded by Dante35

'93 | Funky Funky

This was my CUT. Music was fun, and I didn't have a care in the world. I have no idea what other songs they had, but this was forever on rewind in our cassette stereo player.

'99 | Heartbreaker

No other woman ruled the 90s more than Mariah Carey. Her debut in 1990 paved the way for an incredible career and a magnificent voice. Her album Rainbow garnered success including, if i remember correctly, some sort of MTV special when she sang at her old high school or something. Little did we know two years later she'd be here doing this. You've come a long way Mimi. Sidebar: This video received the Making the Video treatment

'09 | New New

This is the definition of swag. Nothing fly or flashy about it. On some grown man ish. Shout out to Nah Right.
Perfect subject for my 50th post! Hopefully fifty more will follow.

Channel Surfin' | Taking the Satge II

So I received a comment from Kate, a MTV representative [ :) ], concerning my opinion on their new show "Taking the Stage." I really appreciated the comment because I didn't know anyone was paying attention. Secondly, I must respond to her request to hold off until the second episode. I actually enjoy it more now. I still feel like I'm watching bad actors, but it is picking up. I really enjoyed Tyler and Mia's mash up. One word of advice, if we had followed the students around in like a True Life format, camera wise I think it would feel more authentic.

'09 | New New

A few months right before Exclusive and years prior to Ike-itus, Chris Brown recorded a snippet entitled "Hood Ridin" prod. by Dre & Vidal. It had great single potential and was better than his first choice off his sophomore album. Here it is in its full length glory. Thanks Hip Hop Pop ad R&B stop. Too bad my joy is overshadowed by his current situation.

411 | Soulja Boy Protested

Read this over at HipHopDX. Apparently the artist's show at a college in Minnesota was met with small protest. They sited his demeaning lyrics toward women as the root of their disgust. How ironic because he will be here at Indiana University April 24 for our Little 500 celebration. According to the article it did not deter Soulja Boy or the audience from a great show, but it does make you think. I'm not going to lie, I enjoy a lil "Birdwalk" every now and then, but I did not buy his album, and I do not take him seriously. And i won't be attending his concert because I know for a fact that I am not the target audience.

8709 Special | This Will Be the Day

Being 21 I am at the age where people begin to contemplate the future. Where they're going to reside, what career they will have, and who/when/if they'll get married. Frankly the latter is definitely last on my list, but I certainly have thought about one aspect of that occasion: the wedding song. It is sort of tradition, especially for black folks, to have a song sang at your wedding. The usual suspects include "I Swear," "Here and Now," "My Love, Sweet Love," "For You," and of course any ballad by Boyz II Men. My parents joined to Stevie Wonder's "Ribbon in the Sky."Usually we think of the bride making these decisions, but being the music freak that I am, I have my top three choices for matrimony theme songs selected.
1 | Diamonds & Pearls - This song echoes love. I've always loved it, and it goes beyond just the simple husband and wife bond. It is a bond between true friends. 2 | Love Ballad - I experienced this vow of love on the radio years ago and was completely hooked. The lyrics are so sincere and Jeffery Osbourne's conviction at the end tells of a love that doesn't compare to any other.
3 | Together Forever - I was obviously late on this song since everyone hails "If I Ever Fall in Love" as their hit single and best work. But their entire debut is laced with pure R&B gems. And this one speaks volumes.
Honorable Mentions: Tony Terry's "With You" Ginuwine's "Differences" New Edition's "Can You Stand the Rain" Tweet's "Always Will"

G101.3 | It's the only way to be...

Yeah. You're probably thinking the same thing. Why? Just for the record, I pick these songs shuffling my library, and we all have guilty pleasures on shuffle. Every Charles Elementary schoolgirl was yelling about "Girl Power" and "Spice up your life." I can't deny the force that was the Spice Girls. And this song was incredible. Sensual, romantic, all that mushy stuff the schoolgirls liked. I always liked the video. Looking back now, this song was kinda raunchy.

? | Hey?

Did I miss the memo, or why does it seem like every song, hip-hop or R&B, has to install the annoying "hey hey hey hey" under the beat. Like I know we like to chant during our jams and what not i.e., Chubb Rock's "Treat Me Right" with the "Go, go, go, go" EVERY song? For real? Examples: Keri Hilson is a multiple offender: Day26's (last) new single: Is it a Polow Da Don thing? Does it make a R&B song more hood? R&B and hood don't belong in the same sentence together.

P School | After all the reasons why...

I don't know any African American who didn't grow up listening to this group. I'm sure there are a few, but they are no acquaintance of mine. Friday nights were spent listening to their 3-disc compilation The Eternal Dance and the live album Gratitude. With a mix of funk, soul, rock, and gospel, Earth Wind & Fire is by far my favorite group of all time. And one can not mention EW&F without mentioning the signature love ballad led by Philip Bailey - "Reasons". And it has to be the LIVE version.


Taking it back to the old school when Disney could do no wrong and the dollar cinema still existed. "A Goofy Movie" detailed the story of Goofy and his teenage son Max, and the journey they take to understand each other as father and son, and as individuals. Funny film, but better theme song. Tevin Campbell's "I 2 I" finished out the film's climatic ending as Goofy crashed the concert of Max's favorite artist, and stole the show with that funny-looking fishing dance. Video belongs to Disney

Channel Surfin' | STEP!!

The George Jefferson of our generation, Martin Lawrence, catapulted to the top with his 90s sitcom, "Martin." From Shenneneh to Jerome, Brutha Man to Hustle Man, the characters were one of a kind. And secretly every black person knew someone exactly like that. More than the characters were the lingering jokes about them; Cole's Big Shirley and Tommy's "job." One of my favorite episodes had to be Gina getting her head stuck in the new bed headboard.
"Where am I gonna put it man? Where am I gonna put it?!"

'94 | I knoooow He is....


PBP | A Different World more real than College Hill

If BET wanted an equivalent to MTV's "The Real World" why did they feel the need to depict this coonery as the black college experience? Sellouts

Channel Surfin' | Fresh out the box

Noting says 90s more than Saturday nights between '94-'98/'99. What am I talking about you ask? Nickelodeon's SNICK! And everyone's favorite kid sketch comedy show Aaaaaaalllllllll That! No other show had some of the most talented youth artists in comedy. The most memorable characters included "Repairman" and "Ed"by Kel Mithcell, who spawned the popular movie Goodburger; "Ishboo" and "Superdude," both by SNL cast memeber Kenan Thompson; Amanda Bynes' "Ask Ashley," and Lori Beth Denberg's "Vital Information for You Everyday Life." Apart from the skits, was the entertainment. It was freakin Soul Train on Nick. (Because frankly people didn't watch Soul Train after the NJS era really) You had TLC singing the infectious theme song, along with acts like Brandy, Monica, Nicole Wray, Faith Evans, and LL Cool J on a kids show!!!

'98 | I Like This Right Here

Everyone may agree that The First Lady of Bad Boy's best song was the 70s-ish "Love Like This," but I equally bumped her second single on her sophomore album Keep the Faith. Where "Love" was funky in love for the ladies, "All Night Long" was cool on the dance floor for the fellas.

'09 | Pay Attention

Those are the two words, amidst an hour and a half of others, that the incredible Chuck D left me and a room of others. "Dumb shit flies fast," he said. We have to be able to detect it and stop it mid air. If we don't we become it. Besides this he also reminded us of what today is. Today is the day the voice of reason for black America was silenced 41 years ago in Memphis, TN. It is the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s death. I'll admit I awoke today with no acknowledgment. Talk about paying attention.

P School | Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh-Oh-Oooooh

I may have been born in '87, but my parents began in '55 & '56 respectively, meaning when they were 21 they had P Funk. Dig?!? Its perfect when planning a dance/distraction to escape from a mental institution, right Ed?

'09 | Glue it to the man

Being the music junkie I am, I use to play amateur Dj when I was lil and made mixes on cassette tapes. It all started from recording my fav songs off the radio; then I mixed those songs into others. I did it mostly for my own pleasure and still do. But I've definitely upgraded. Enter Jamglue. The site allows you to make your own mixes with its library, or your own uploaded mp3 files. Here is one of my most recent mixes.
Remix Default-tiny I Be on the Dancefloor by 328909-tiny thomasboi

'99 | Wicki-wicki Wild

As campy as it may have been, Will Smith could do no wrong in the late 90s. The song was a hit and adding Sisqo (another 90s staple at the time) to the mix was irresistible. Plus the Stevie interpolation is what makes it stick in your head.

BaM | He's Mikey

But they Rock

'09 | Jai Ho!

I just finished watching 2009's Best Picture Oscar winner "Slumdog Millionaire" and was wowed, not only by the heartfelt story of endless love through hardships, but by the soundtrack. The music was excellent, and the ending dance in the train station to A. R. Rahman's "Jai Ho" was captivating. I will definitely be purchasing this soundtrack.

'96 | Everybody get up, it's time to slam now

One of my favorite movies of the 90s had to be the live-action/animated "Space Jam," starring his Airness himself. What was even better than the film was its stereo bumping soundtrack. The obvious hits included the inspirational R. Kelly ballad "I Believe I Can Fly," and Monica's "For You I Will," but so many others were overlooked. From the bumping "Hit 'Em High" to the sensual "All of my Days" and the hilarious "Basketball Jones." This is a childhood classic.

'94-'09 | End of an ERa

Before cloudy Meredith Grey, there was Abby Lockhart who struggled with the toxins of her unstable mother (a superb Sally Field) and her own alcohol addiction. Before Callie's bisexual curiosity, there was Dr. Kerry Weaver who showed all children needed were loving parents. Before Dr. Burke's hand conspiracy, there was Jeanie Boulet's bout with contracting the Human immunodeficiency virus. Before Seattle Grace it was County General in Chicago. Thursday nights were owned by the residents of ER. After 15 years my mother's favorite TV drama (besides the late Boston Public and The Practice) will come to an end. In homage we pay respect with some of the most memorable stories at County General.(My favorites at least) (sidebar: how ironic that creator Michael Crichton would pass during its final season) Season 2 Ep. 7 | Hell and High Water Season 6 Ep. 13 | Be Still My Heart Season 8 Ep. 21 | On the Beach Season 9 Ep. 1 | Chaos Theory & Season 10 Ep. 8 | Freefall Season 10 Ep. 22 | Drive Season 12 Ep. 22 | 21 Guns & Season 13 Ep. 1 | Bloodline