Channel Surfin' | Fresh out the box

Noting says 90s more than Saturday nights between '94-'98/'99. What am I talking about you ask? Nickelodeon's SNICK! And everyone's favorite kid sketch comedy show Aaaaaaalllllllll That! No other show had some of the most talented youth artists in comedy. The most memorable characters included "Repairman" and "Ed"by Kel Mithcell, who spawned the popular movie Goodburger; "Ishboo" and "Superdude," both by SNL cast memeber Kenan Thompson; Amanda Bynes' "Ask Ashley," and Lori Beth Denberg's "Vital Information for You Everyday Life." Apart from the skits, was the entertainment. It was freakin Soul Train on Nick. (Because frankly people didn't watch Soul Train after the NJS era really) You had TLC singing the infectious theme song, along with acts like Brandy, Monica, Nicole Wray, Faith Evans, and LL Cool J on a kids show!!!


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