'03 | Got Somebody

With summer around the corner, I felt the need for a special throwback. Just around the summer of my sophomore year of high school, reggae made a comeback with artists like Sean Paul, Elephant Man, and Beenie Man. But one song by Wayne Wonder stuck out to me. "No Letting Go" off his album No Holding Back was the perfect summer jam. Using the popular Diwali riddim, it was the perfect melody for a slow whine.

MESS | For the Love of Black People....

This week initiates the MESS category with Danger's climatic confession on the much to do about nothing-hot mess reality show "For the Love of Ray J." Video courtesy of Necole Bitchie This is CLEARLY doctored with the excessive answering and the N64 multi-player split screen effect. And is Brandy's appearance suppose to accredit the show as please. These have always been a bit tasteless, but I really cannot stand this show. Can we go back, way back, back into time when Ray J was a legitimate artist and people were okay with him being related to Brandy.