411 | Game 2 : Lakers 2-0

Lakers win Game 2 in OT. Much better effort by the Magic-less, but not enough. Maybe in Orlando they'll show up. That's it. Enjoy the latest Nike: LeBron vs. _____ commercial ft. Lil Dez.
Nike's gonna hustle to use each inch of that money spent. We'll be seeing LeBron vs. Candace Parker commercials.

'92 | Do you remember


. -
Name any other artist with ties to bank Iman, Eddie, and Magic all in one video; and, it actually be kick ass. Probably my favorite video by MJ.

411 | Game 2

A must win for Howard and the Magic. Or at least a close loss because that first game was too boring to watch:

411 | Sept. 1, 2009

No other voice on earth has evoked such passion, fame, and love as hers. And now it will reign again. 9/1/2009 Ms. Houston returns. Details @ Julianno's