'93 | I have a real man problem


I really don't know why our parents let us listen to this. I couldn''t have been more than six years old. The only song I remember from Queen of the Pack.

? | To Do List

  • Purchase Ginuwine's A Man's Thoughts
  • Listen to J. Cole's The Warm Up
  • Star Trek (Late I know)
  • Back to the Feature Friday (YES)
  • Purchase Maxwell's BLACKsummersnight
  • Fourth of July with family
  • Vacation from work

'95 | I don't mind


Slow jam classic from Changing Faces; another product of the then-great Robert Kelly.

New New | Shining Down, Lupe Fiasco

The uncool MC returns with Matthew Santos. Thanks to Nah Right and my dude Rhymestyle for the heads up. Click pic for link.

SICK | The Art of Noise, Raheem DeVaughn

Radio Raheem drops all new material for new mixtape. Trumps 80% of "R&B" on the radio. Big thanks to HHPRnB Stop. R&B ain't dead either. Click pic to download.

'99 | You remind of a West Side Story

The other single from Santana's monumental album Supernatural. "Maria Maria" featured Wyclef and the unknown the Product G&B. The whole Spanish Harlem soul vibe made for one of the best songs that year.