Channel Surfin' | SYTYCD

Now that Fox's singing circus is over, it's time to see some REAL talent. So You Think You Can Dance debuts tonight as it gears for its 5th season this summer. Last year was hella exciting with brace-faced hip-hop dancer Josh taking the title. I'm expecting to be awed this season as well.

G101. 3 | Won't You Come

This video used to freak me the truck out.

SOS | Pump It Up


Fire. Still bang this. I guess I should check out "Padded Room."

New New | Tell Me U Love Me

I do Amerie. Gearing for a return. While "Why R U" was good, this is that classic hip-go sound we've come to love from Ms. "1-Thing." Shout to HHPRnB Stop.

411 | 11 seconds

Five officers have been terminated from their duties after a year-old video reveals the beating of an unconscious suspect. The suspect pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and is currently serving his time in prison. Video courtesy of CNN.

'90 | And I can't stop, can't stop

After 7's NJS hit "Can't Stop" from their self-titled debut. Classic. This cassette got the rewind treatment.