G101.3 | It's the only way to be...

Yeah. You're probably thinking the same thing. Why? Just for the record, I pick these songs shuffling my library, and we all have guilty pleasures on shuffle. Every Charles Elementary schoolgirl was yelling about "Girl Power" and "Spice up your life." I can't deny the force that was the Spice Girls. And this song was incredible. Sensual, romantic, all that mushy stuff the schoolgirls liked. I always liked the video. Looking back now, this song was kinda raunchy.

? | Hey?

Did I miss the memo, or why does it seem like every song, hip-hop or R&B, has to install the annoying "hey hey hey hey" under the beat. Like I know we like to chant during our jams and what not i.e., Chubb Rock's "Treat Me Right" with the "Go, go, go, go" EVERY song? For real? Examples: Keri Hilson is a multiple offender: Day26's (last) new single: Is it a Polow Da Don thing? Does it make a R&B song more hood? R&B and hood don't belong in the same sentence together.

P School | After all the reasons why...

I don't know any African American who didn't grow up listening to this group. I'm sure there are a few, but they are no acquaintance of mine. Friday nights were spent listening to their 3-disc compilation The Eternal Dance and the live album Gratitude. With a mix of funk, soul, rock, and gospel, Earth Wind & Fire is by far my favorite group of all time. And one can not mention EW&F without mentioning the signature love ballad led by Philip Bailey - "Reasons". And it has to be the LIVE version.