I strongly enjoy dancing, and one of my past times is watching others dance. YouTube definitely enables my addicition, and I am glad to share some of my favs with you. These posts will be called Bust-a-Move. (BaM) Below is a lil routine done for Snoop Dogg's Candy.

G101.3 | Chains

Being from Richmond, IN, surrounded by the R&B/Hip-Hop heavy radio stations from Dayton (z93), Cincinnati(Mojo 94.9), and Indianapolis (106.7 TLC), my sis and I were somewhat disappointed with our meager choices:country's KICKS 96 and the best of 80s 90s and now...G 101.3. Well as they say if you can't beat them join them. I came to appreciate 101.3 for their pop pleasure from both the past and present, and came to love artists such as Celine, Hootie, Huey Lewis, etc., and so on. This is one of my favorite songs from the 90s. I always heard it but never knew who sang it. Tina Arena's Chains was always haunting with its intricate lyrics and I loved the climatic ending.

411 | Welcome Back...

I was obsessed with this group as a child. I recorded VHS performances, cutout magazine advertisements (Diet Coke), and followed their TV cameos from Roc to A Different World and even The Wayans Brothers. It had been a long rumor ever since the BET Awards last year, but it is official.....En Vogue is reuniting! Celebrating their 20th anniversary the original Funky Divas - Cindy, Maxine, Dawn and Terry - are touring as we speak.The ladies graced March's JET cover. Inside they detailed the tour, a reality show in the works, and an album later this year. Their influence on groups after them is irrefutable and it's great to have them back. In honor I list my top five favorite tracks: 5: "Falling In Love" Masterpiece Theater | This album went unnoticed spawning a video for the single "Riddle." But it is this track that captured the ladies vocals the best, and reminded listeners why they loved En Vogue. 4: "You're All I Need" EV3 | This album unfortunately marked the departure of Dawn Robinson. This song sticks out to me because of the early 90s feel of young love and fun. 3: "Runaway Love" Runaway Love EP | This track is probably one of the most sensual. The harmonies are exquisite and the gospel choir-like vamp will definitely take you higher and higher. 2: "Part of Me" Born to Sing | Beautiful song with a beautiful message. I remember them singing this on BET with Donnie Simpson in all black dresses similar to the ones worn in thier debut video, and my obvious #1 pick.... 1: "HOLD ON"Born To Sing | This track was fire! No other song that year possessed the attitude and finesse that was En Vogue or R&B. I memorized the choreography to a "T", and the Smokey Robinson intro is still to this day one of the smartest. Enjoy....En Vogue - hold on