411 | Welcome Back...

I was obsessed with this group as a child. I recorded VHS performances, cutout magazine advertisements (Diet Coke), and followed their TV cameos from Roc to A Different World and even The Wayans Brothers. It had been a long rumor ever since the BET Awards last year, but it is official.....En Vogue is reuniting! Celebrating their 20th anniversary the original Funky Divas - Cindy, Maxine, Dawn and Terry - are touring as we speak.The ladies graced March's JET cover. Inside they detailed the tour, a reality show in the works, and an album later this year. Their influence on groups after them is irrefutable and it's great to have them back. In honor I list my top five favorite tracks: 5: "Falling In Love" Masterpiece Theater | This album went unnoticed spawning a video for the single "Riddle." But it is this track that captured the ladies vocals the best, and reminded listeners why they loved En Vogue. 4: "You're All I Need" EV3 | This album unfortunately marked the departure of Dawn Robinson. This song sticks out to me because of the early 90s feel of young love and fun. 3: "Runaway Love" Runaway Love EP | This track is probably one of the most sensual. The harmonies are exquisite and the gospel choir-like vamp will definitely take you higher and higher. 2: "Part of Me" Born to Sing | Beautiful song with a beautiful message. I remember them singing this on BET with Donnie Simpson in all black dresses similar to the ones worn in thier debut video, and my obvious #1 pick.... 1: "HOLD ON"Born To Sing | This track was fire! No other song that year possessed the attitude and finesse that was En Vogue or R&B. I memorized the choreography to a "T", and the Smokey Robinson intro is still to this day one of the smartest. Enjoy....En Vogue - hold on


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