'97 | Rather not...

Saturday night I decided to indulge in a mini movie night with my sister, her friend, and my cousin. We did not have many choices so we decided to check out some old films we had not seen. 1) Sipke Lee's Jungle Fever; and 2) the little known black film Hav Plenty. I had seen the end of the comedy romance on Encore, but wanted to see the rest. Maybe it was just me, or a 90s thing, but this film was awful it was good. I got the premise and the attempt to be a different black film, but this seemed like a high school play. I cannot find the words to describe, so I'm allowing a guest writer, my cousin Brandon. THIS WAS AWFUL.... i mean usually i'm able to figure out and understand movies but this one just did not make any sense. The scenes didn't flow with each other, the whole plot was super confusing, and the acting was pretty dreadful as well..... If anyone is a fan of this movie....well good for you ha.. (SBS)


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