8709 | Classic

I don't know about you'll, but i still buy albums. I admit I appreciate certain other sources of music, but I love the feeling of tearing the wrapper, opening the case, and reaching for the liner notes. I was able to visit a record store today, that's right they still exist, and bought two classic albums.
Heart Break, New Edition - 1988 I may have only been a year old, but "If This Isn't Love" remains my favortie NE song. The video was classic, and nothing says eighties R&B more than Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. New Beginning, SWV - 1996 One of the hottest R&B groups of the 90s, SWV took the industry by storm with their new jill swing heavy debut It's About Time. For the second round, they examined a more smooth R&B sound. My favorite track here is "Use Your Heart," which was written and produced by a then unknown Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo.


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