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Mary Mary changes it up with this gospel....BANGER. Via TSS Between the synths and autotone, and celebrity cameos (Fanzsworth Bentley) I dang near expected T-Pain to burst through the curtain and two-step down the runway. I understand the message of the song and the audience it will certainly minister to, yet there is still that question in the pit of my stomach; where is the divide between secular and spiritual. Believe me I am definitely not the one to judge because I clearly enjoy both genres of music; but if there is suppose to be such a divide between the world and God's work, to those who believe in strict gospel music and do not enjoy contemporary mixing, where do you draw the line? For me personally Kirk Franklin is one pf my favorite artists, (although I enjoy his early work better, but don't all fans appreciate artists' firsts over newer material) so it is hard for me to make a good case. I bumped "Stomp" as quickly as I jammed to "This Is How We Do It." It may be wrong but I feel there is a way you can enjoy the music you like and still live righteous under God's vision. And now I'm off my soapbox.


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