? | O.J.'s appealing conviction

Your favorite innocent criminal O.J. Simpson is now appealing the guilty ruling in his theft and kidnapping trial. Convicted Oct. 3 of last year, (mind you on the 13th anniversary of his monumental "not guilty" verdict in the murders of ex-wife Nicole Brown and her boyfriend) Simpson now cites lack of racial diversity of the jury and other factors as reasons he did not receive a fair trial. Yes it is quite ironic how this case seemed to end upon that exact day, as if the justice gods, or white people, enacted a form of karma or revenge for the astonishing result years ago. And it seems to be another strike towards a brother, BUT in Simpson's case, it is one too many. Keep it 100 - Its over Orenthal James. If T.I. can go to jail early, and Vick go period, its time for you to finally accept accountability for your actions. Be a man and finish your final years where they should my television screen.


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