411 | Orlando vs. Cleveland Game 5

UPDATE | They'll get 'em in Orlando. As a lover of the arts I'm a sucker for irony. Whether it coincidental or intentional there is something Shakesperean about life's little way of saying "F you." The one day you forget your umbrella, it rains. You wear a sweater because it's always cold at the office; and, now the thermostat reads 73 degrees. The entire populace believes the robots are a great help, while the lone objector is defined as a lunatic . Don't worry. I'm not lonely, just alone. I've never been a Magic or Cavs fan (Let's face it - who were Cavs fans until now) but, I love an underdog. And as much as a LeBron-less finale would be disappointing, it'd so be worh it. Bonus points for the Nuggets to dismantle the Lake Show, but I see that as highly unlikely. (I'm a lunatic, not suicidal.)


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