411| Michael Vick freed

The former Atlanta Falcons quarterback has been released from the Kansas prison he had called home since being convicted of organizing an illegal dogfighting ring. He will remain confined to this house for a period of time and is looking forward to beginning a campaign with animal activists to deter youth from the illegal sport. More here @ CNN. Being a pet owner myself, I understand the severity of the situation. But i still felt this story was blown out of proportion. One of my professors was amazed at how the media and regular human beings were bombarding Vick and his name for the then-alleged charges; yet, a human life is taken and we sit look with pity as we continue living our lives. What happened to the media frenzy for Oscar Grant, which you have not heard about since. I'm not saying we should just allow the senseless killing of any creature, but why do we seem to place value on certain lives over others.


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