87|09 Special | "Lady Love," LeToya

Former DC member LeToya Luckett released her sophomore album, Lady Love, last Tuesday. I wasn't planning on copping the album; for one, I hadn't bought her debut although the "Torn Remix" was a cold track; and two, her first single "Not Anymore" hadn't done anything for me. "She Ain't Got..." had hit potential, but honestly I didn't like the video. Thank goodness for the internet, cause the new single "Regret," ft. Ludacris is something special. I hope the video is coming soon. Here are my thoughts on the album.
  • All around it is a very solid R&B album w/ a few guest appearances. A nice mix between mid-tempo ballads and feisty cuts. It does run a little long though, but fans of hers and R&B will be pleased.
  • Hot tracks : "Regret," "Lazy," "Take Away Love ft. Estelle," "Good to Me"
  • If you cop through iTunes, you can welcome a bonus cut, "Don't Let Me Get Away"
In conclusion I think it's an invested purchase for those who are true R&B fans.


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