8709 Special | ABDC Week 2

Last night I found myself screaming through my Twitter as the judges thrice said goodbye to Artistry in Motion. Not only did they beast their performance "Diva," they had the best routine that night, only second to the triumphant Afroborike. I feel like this is a total cover-up, C-O-N-spiracy, to rid the show of real talent for flash, glitz, and something fresh (Vogue Evolution). Here are my reasonings:
  • First of all, I was a little perturbed that it was a Beyonce episode so my disdain my stem from that bias. Don't get me wrong, Sasha Fierce is definitely the B to beat right now, BUT her videos have not had enough time to marinate as dance classics. Jackson was a 1st season choice because he's a legend; and Janet and Elliott were legit choices in season two because their videos have had time to become staples in pop culture. The only videos of Mrs. Carter's I'd list as dance classics would be "Crazy in Love" and the just-released-last-year "Single Ladies." There should be some year requirement for any artist video challenge. They could have at least had an Aaliyah dance challenge being that she had her own unique style and her videos are modern day classics prior to Beyonce's rise to solo stardom. From One in A Million to Are You That Somebody, the late Haughton would have been a better choice to tribute.
  • Second, and closely related to the first point, is that Beyonce's music doesn't translate to hip-hop dance crews too well. You had those that worked: Artisty's "Diva" with the Bangladesh beat; Afroborike's "Beautiful Liar"; and, even Beat Ya Feet Kings' go-go got off to the Rich Harriosn "Crazy in Love." And then you had those that didn't; Massive Monkey's awkward "Work it Out"; We Are Heroes' too short and simple "Single Ladies"; Rhythm City's "Sweet Dreams"; and, Southern Movement's nice but odd "Jumpin, Jumpin'." I didn't see anyhting that wowed me until the sudden death portion of the show.
  • Third, the show's pairing of the last two crews songs was ironic. They pitted two perfectly sewn routines against each other, giving Afroborike the better with the Latin-infused "Beautiful Liar" which calls for silky hips and salsa-dancing. The whole show is rigged.
I'll be sure to tune in next Sunday, but I won't do it happily at all.


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