? | Has Jamie Foxx peaked?!?!?

Before everyone gets on their soapboxes, let me say I think Foxx is one of the best; not necessarily a 'king' yet, but a definite heir to the comedy throne. But in late it seems he's fallen off - and hard. Ever since he coveted the gold Trophy, it seems everything else only seems to merely glitter.
  • The Soloist was suppose to be another Oscar worthy performance, but it ran so low under the radar, after being pushed back from its initial release date, people forgot about it.
  • He flubbed with his comments on America's country princess Miley Cyrus, and like a man apologized, but clearly has yet to rebound.
  • And despite the success of "Blame It," which garnered an even bigger hit if you ask me, Intuition has come and gone just like Unpredictable.
Is it the rumored Oscar curse that seems to plague Black actors (i.e. Cuba, Terrence, Halle) or is it more than that. Hopefully Foxx can reclaim his funny man status with the ...ahem...BET Awards he will be hosting on the 28th. (Which haven't been really hot since Monique's first time and the Smiths, but that's a different post all together.)


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