? | What Would Tim Taylor Do?

One cannot help but gasp at the abrupt decline of Detroit. Not only did the Pistons totally miss the mark, but the D is struggling to cope with the financial ruin that is the car industry today. Plans are in order to somehow resuscitate what is left of GM, but any reemergence will be years in the making. Everyone has their opinions - the Dems, the Repubs, the economists - on which way to venture, when it hit me: What would Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor do in a situation like this. Ficitonally speaking would he still be 'the Tool Man' in this financial desert; would he even be in Detroit since the Taylors moved to Bloomington. How would he handle witnessing such an agonizing death. Some reason I envision him jaundicely twitching in vehicular/Tool Time withdrawls, making those memorable groans as Jill must become his full-time nurse. Just a thought.


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