'91 | Am I My Brother's Keeper?

I have to admit I just saw this film the other day. (a decade late=FAIL) Nonetheless, it still has the same impact. Mario Van Peebles just didn't make a film; he constructed a living, breathing PSA on behalf of the inner city to the American public. New Jack City brought the rising demise of black life to the hands of crack/cocaine to theater screens nationwide. And while previous urban flicks before left the viewer to hold his/her own opinion toward ghetto life, Peebles stapled his message repeatedly throughout the film, cementing it in the climatic final scene (!SPOILER ALERT! - if you have not seen the end of film do not click on link). Wesley Snipes is chillingly alluring as the villainous Nino Brown; the life-robbing hood who both uplifts and enslaves the poor. And Ice T is surprisingly natural as Scotty Appelton, the from-the-hood officer out to save his community. Equally majestic is the soundtrack. Crafted to match the new jack swing sound of the early 90s, the track list boasts the likes of Color Me Badd, Levert, Today and Queen Latifah, and Christopher Williams.


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