'09 | Channel Surfin' | "Taking the Stage"

As we all know television is not what it used to be. Ever since the tribe spoke on the first "Survivor," viewers have been seduced to relentless reality shows that depict the drama of "real life." Though the pleasure of watching others sorted lives is not an old trick (soap operas, People's Court) there is a wrong and right way. Those that do it right, unfortunately, is MTV. Despite their lack of music, they know how to tell a story with True Life, Made, and the short-lived Juvies. They encountered new territory with "Taking the Stage", the story of five high school students who attend a school of performing arts in Cincinnati. I was honestly excited, !black people! You know real regular students of middle class, upper middle class households. But that excitement was premature. It moved so predictably and was a little depressing, especially when they started dancing. I understand the technial ability needed for ballet, but the hip-hop dancers as they were called wouldn't even make it on 106's W.O.W. I enjoyed singer/songwriter Mia's story the most. Maybe I am naive and it's too early to judge, but for right now I'll pass.


Unknown said...

We genuinely appreciate your feedback and want to say thanks for tuning into the premiere. The second show airs tonight. I hope you'll give it a second look and let us know your thoughts after another episode.


Kate with MTV

Lorin T. Williams said...

Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.

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