8709 Special | This Will Be the Day

Being 21 I am at the age where people begin to contemplate the future. Where they're going to reside, what career they will have, and who/when/if they'll get married. Frankly the latter is definitely last on my list, but I certainly have thought about one aspect of that occasion: the wedding song. It is sort of tradition, especially for black folks, to have a song sang at your wedding. The usual suspects include "I Swear," "Here and Now," "My Love, Sweet Love," "For You," and of course any ballad by Boyz II Men. My parents joined to Stevie Wonder's "Ribbon in the Sky."Usually we think of the bride making these decisions, but being the music freak that I am, I have my top three choices for matrimony theme songs selected.
1 | Diamonds & Pearls - This song echoes love. I've always loved it, and it goes beyond just the simple husband and wife bond. It is a bond between true friends. 2 | Love Ballad - I experienced this vow of love on the radio years ago and was completely hooked. The lyrics are so sincere and Jeffery Osbourne's conviction at the end tells of a love that doesn't compare to any other.
3 | Together Forever - I was obviously late on this song since everyone hails "If I Ever Fall in Love" as their hit single and best work. But their entire debut is laced with pure R&B gems. And this one speaks volumes.
Honorable Mentions: Tony Terry's "With You" Ginuwine's "Differences" New Edition's "Can You Stand the Rain" Tweet's "Always Will"


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