411 | Transformers: Racists in Disguise

I haven't seen Transfomers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, but I can totally agree with what this story is hinting at. Apparently two characters in the sequel have strong resemblances and characteristics one would stereotype as being black. According to the story, the two new twin robots talk in street slang, are illiterate and one flaunts a gold tooth. This may be a startling revelation to some, but its nothing new. Everyone saw the first film in which Jazz, the obvious token of the group, spoke like a hood Barry White; busted in a breakdance early in the movie, and was the ONLY Autobot, I REPEAT the ONLY Autobot, to perish in battle. Hmmm? Doesn't the last scenario sound very similar too several black characers usual demise in Hollywood movies.


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