8709 Special | History was scary as a kid

Everyone is scared of something when their little. Common fears include the dark, bumps in the night, monsters under the bed, and the dentist. My sister and I shared these experiences as well as a very prominent one: movies about race and history. Now that I am older, I understand these subjects are important documents of the past, forever influencing us to make better futures. But as a kid, i tried my best to stray away from certain TV shows and films to ensure I'd get to sleep that night. I listed my top 5.
  1. Image:In The Heat of the Night.jpg In the Heat of the Night (series) - Excellent show based upon the film of a black detective in the South. Perfect mix of pasts demons in a 20th century.
  2. Nightjohn: Words Are Freedom Nightjohn - Yes it was a Disney movie, but when Carl Lumby gets his fingers chopped off for spelling in the sand, it turns into a PSA for reading.
  3. The Ghosts of Mississippi - A remarkable depiciton of the long-awaited trial against the assassin of Medgar Evers. The opening scene was scarring, and James Woods was haunting as the unapologetic shooter.
  4. Roots - Still have yet to watch in entirety. Will do someday.
  5. A Time to Kill - I've conquered this fear recently. Samuel L. Jackson should have an Oscar by now.
Honorable Mentions : Selma Lord Selma, Mississippi Burning, Malcolm X


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