8709 Special | Shanice or Traci?

The ladies in R&B have always held healthy competition through the years. Even today you have your usual 'diva' competitors; RiRi vs. Beyonce, Keri vs. Beyonce, _______ vs. Beyonce etc., In the early 90s there were plenty more females in the game, between groups and solo artists, but two in particular held a speical place in my heart and tape deck. Traci Spencer and Shanice both came on the scene at about the same time. Likened to the Brandy and Monica of NJS, these ladies were tit 4 tat on almost everything; talent, likability, adolescent cuteness. They both even made cameos as Eddie Winslow's love interest/key to singing success. What does all this mean; here's the scenario - If you had to choose one, let's say on a deserted island, who would it be. Would you go toward the socially conscious, tender-kissing Traci.....or, the bubbly, girl next door Shanice. Personally I'd prefer Shanice's more "urban" styling. Speak your peace in the comments. If too young to remember or not familiar with either artist, check videos below.


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