Channel Surfin' | Mo-2-tha, E-2-tha

You know ya'll dug this right here, right until it was banished to UPN. But I digress. Moesha chronicled the life and times of a California teen whose time focused on friends, family, boys, and drama. But Mo' was quite a character: independent, intelligent, and goal-driven, except when it came to boys. Everyone remembers the trails with Fredro Starr's Q, and then Usher at the pajama/slumber party. And all hell broke loose once Dorian (Ray J) showed up as the nephew/brother; and that's when I left. But before the dramatics got too intense, the show was hilarious. Countess Vaughn earned her own show as the bubbly ghetto Kim Parker. And give credit where it is due to the late Lamont Bentley as the "best male friend" Hakeem.


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