'04 | I can't live my, I-I can't live my

Woke up this morning to the news that my cousin - who would have graduated from high school last month - will serve six for dealing cocaine. He faced up to 60, which is a definite blessing that I hope he realizes. This is the closest I've come to prison in my life. We always hear or read the news of another brother whose caught a case. We momentarily feel for him from a far, but are still removed from the situation - it's not our problem. But the truth is it is our problem. And now the problem has a face and a name that will penetrate my thoughts and prayers for the next six years. This is dedicated to him and all our brothers and sisters caught up in the system. Whether you feel you're there justly or not, there's always a choice. You always have a choice.


Anonymous said...

Well said, cousin! This is everyone's problem because it affects us as a community, as a race, as a people. Eveyone comes to the fork in the road (crossroads), we have to live w/ the consequences of the decisions that we make. Bottom line: There are no shortcuts to success, fame or fortune. If you rise quickly, chances are---you'll fall at the same rate!

To all the young people out there who are at the fork in the road...consider this: six or more years on the penal system makes you a parolee. Six or more years in the college system makes you a lawyer, a doctor or some sort of enterpreneur. The choice is yours! What's it gonna be?


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