8709 Special | Auburn

Bare with me. I discovered Auburn about two years ago on her Myspace page. It was right around the time some chick's lip gloss was poppin and everyone wanted to Crank some inanimate object. She's portrayed herself as a singer/songwriter/rapper and leader of the dorks or some other. What kept me was her material. The teenager sang and spit stuff teenagers would listen too. She doesn't use sex to get her message across, and isn't tryin to be hood. Like what Lil' Mama would and could have been if she wasn't Lil' Mama. Reminds me of kinder times of the 90s with artist like Tevin, The Boys, and Raven Symone's short stint. Nineties music had a sense of consciousness and fun at the same time. She released an album, Same Girl, to little fan fare but I enjoyed it. Luckily I came across a sorta mixtape of some of her material as she prepares for her album release. Here are some of my favorite tracks. Shout to RMB Music Blog.
  • Move - She kinda takes a swipe @ that girl from the planet Harlem over Mims' hit.
  • Famous - Ode to her fresh swag and sneaker fetish. Catchy.
  • Real Choppers - Beat. Goes. Hard. PBP Something to blast through your speakers.
  • My Hood - A declaration to the current state of her Minneapolis hood. This was a released single which had a video to match:
sidebar: There's a tight remix of "My Hood" on top of Blige's "My Life" floating around somewhere. She's currently working on her next album. I'm looking forward to it. Something for the next generation that doesn't involve a bar, a club, or a drank.


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