? | Thoughts on BiA 2: Part 1

The first portion of the two part series was very informative. Who knew Connecticut had a project? But nonetheless a refreshing experience to see positivity within our communities across the nation. Let's shed a light on my personal highlights from the two-hour show. First off the Journey to Change was incredible. I always shied from the idea of international travel, thinking its not for me. But the experience would be life-changing as it was to those students of Bushwick. It was disheartening though to see the lack of change in the male students where work is most needed to motivate our black males into seeing how important and benefiting a education can be. Thankfully those doubts faded away by the story of Steve Perry and his 100% graduation rate high school in Connecticut. Incredible. A young intelligent black male, a la Joe Clark, demanding and only accepting the best from his pupils. Seeing the potential in each student. Taking a personal interest their future success. THIS IS WHAT WE NEED! Not everyone can go home and have the support from their parents or guardians needed to achieve - as seen at Perry's high school football game. I was astonished at the story of the affluent African American community. Little is known about the history of black professionals in America, probably because we've been inoculated to believe we all were salves and now we all are okay in this post-Obama age. BS. We all are aware of the class rift people play into - the affluent Oreo vs. the struggling Negro. But the truth is we can not hide our race. As long as one succeeds in making positive strides for our community as a whole, it shouldn't really matter what side of the tracks you've come from. Can't wait until tomorrow's conclusion. And October's Latino in America should be just as informative and eye-opening to our nation as this opportunity.


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