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This evening I'm going to partake in probably the best thing to happen to me this year (besides the B on my last Econ final). Mr. Never-wear-the-same-thing is in Bloomington, and I 80sbby90skd, am going to witness it in person. I already met him at Dope Couture, and am hyped for tonight.

'95 | Freedooommmm

I missed so much as a child of the 90s including the film Panther which chronicled the rise of the Black Panthers after the Civil Rights Movement. It completely slipped my consciousness. I know only of the film because of later seeing the video for the monster song performed by the hottest female R&B & hip-hop artists of the time. From Aaliyah to Zhane, this song symbolized the plethora of women in urban music that has somehow vanished. There was also an additional rap version as well.