Channel Surfin' | Tight Like Glue

Before Friends, Girlfriends, and Sex and the City, four ladies and their two fellow friends were Living Single. Led by a great cast, viewers grew to love the sorted characters: Khadijah James, the career woman; her cousin, the goofy lighthearted Synclaire; their close friend, diva Regine Hunter; and, her frienemy, Maxine Shaw attorney-at-law. With a urban setting, it was the 90s answer to what takes place after college. We had yet to see African Americans as prospering adults in the corporate world. One of my favorte episodes:
Additional favorites: Burglar in the Hosue Talkshow Showdown

'97 | I'm Not A Fool

Batman. LBD. Romeo. There was none other cooler than Immature for a 90skd. The ladies loved them and the fellas wanted to be like them. Their fourth album, The Journey, signified a certain growth within the trio. This had to be my favorite video by the group.

illist | me @ wale | Update

This evening I'm going to partake in probably the best thing to happen to me this year (besides the B on my last Econ final). Mr. Never-wear-the-same-thing is in Bloomington, and I 80sbby90skd, am going to witness it in person. I already met him at Dope Couture, and am hyped for tonight. The meet and great was sick. Got an autographed copy of TMAN and a concert flyer. Rocafella vet Young Chris accompanied him with members of UCB. My background on my cellphone is now me and Wale himslef. The show was incredible once it started. Wale actually didn't take the stage until about 12:45 after local bands and Colin Munroe's sets. But it was worth it. He opened with the banger "Breakdown" and included other mixtape gems. He also added his new single "Chillin'" from his upcoming album Attention Deficit. I will be purchasing, and so should you.
(sidebar: Wale was rocing a certain chain while on stage; Chris roced similar chain in gold. Did i miss the memo?)