8709 Special | Little 500

YES, Obama appeared at Lil 5 last year while on the campaign trail. It's kind of big deal.
Here is the lineup: Thursday - Ludacris Friday - Women's Race Young Jeezy w/ guests Wiz Kahlifa & DJ UNK/ Soulja Boy Lil 5 Stepshow Saturday - Men's Race
This weekend the campus of Indiana University will over flood with intoxicated college students from across the state and neighboring universities. Lil' 5 is IU's definitive bicycle race, even boasting the classic film "Breaking Away." Although the races, for both men and women, last only a few hours, the celebratory activities begin today, if they have not already. Foolishness will ensue. Check the Book of Face for the details and insinuating photos of "The World's Greatest College Weekend."

'01 | I'm not sure who you are

Off of Tamia's sophomore album, A Nu Day.