411 | Caught out there?

It has sadly been confirmed that Nas & Kelis, the first Jay & 'B, have called it a quits. I don't think anyone expected this unfortunate turnout. According to the affidavit collected by Vibe magazine, Kelis cited Nas as unfaithful and verbally abusive. Being that she is pregnant with their first child, divorce may be the best option. Ironic how I had just talked about her haunting heartbreak ballad.

'87 | The Chipmunk Adventure

You are not an 80sbby if you have not seen this movie. The Chipmunk Adventure is a classic in animation. The 2007 reboot does not even come close to eclipsing the memories I get from checking this out from our local library at least once a month, and weekly during the summer. It's a kid's dream: adventure, suspense, comedy, and songs. The songs were outrageous. The best one is below:
The entire film is on YouTube as well!

New New | the Wizard of IZ

New mixtape from the funky Timbo creation Izza Kizza. The follow-up to his Kizzaland, the IZ finds himself trailing the yellow brick road with Nick Catchdubs on this take. The tape's backdrop plays out like a trip to Oz - from The Wiz of course. His style is a cross between the awkward funk of Missy Elliott and a new school humor similar to Biz Markie. Visit his Myspace page for download.
Sidebar: 100th post! Woooo-hooo!

'92 | Don't wanna play the same game

Another banger from yet another of the numerous R&B groups that dominated 90s music. Perfect NJS-ness and harmonies. If memory serves me correctly, they made a Family Matters appearance as well. This gave their debut album much success. Their sophomore, All That Matters unfortuanely did not, but is an awesome album.